Glute ham raise machine or not??

I just transfered to a different college and i worked out in the university gym for the first time today and i thought i saw a glute ham raise bench but i’m not sure. It’s built like a hyperextension bench, but the pad where you hips go is rounded and it has a pad on the top and bottom of your feet to hook them in, but it has no foot plate?? Any help here??

sounds like a GHR, but a good one should have a toe plate.

just a wild suggestion but you could go over to elitefts and see what one looks like. Or look in Dave Tates articles on Testosterone for a picture.

Goldberg: I went and looked at alot of pictures and the only difference bewteen the one here and the one and dave tate’s site is that this one doesn’t have a foot plate, and the pad doesn’t have an angle. One other reason i was doubtful it was GHR is because i was really suprised that a university gym would have one.

sounds more like a back raise then and not a glute ham raise. If there is no foot plate, then its not a glute ham raise.