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Glute Ham Raise Ireland?


Does anybody know where I could buy a glute ham machine in Ireland.



I don't know why you're be THAT bothered.... but PM'D anyway.


Watson's might deliver, see their website.


I think I would rather bench press Ireland.


Make your own...


try paul roberts in wexford he makes and sells equipment, he is a former Ireland's strongest man.


Thanks, I live in Gorey Co wexford so I'll try Paul first.


Ahhh I thought it was you alright!!

Will I see you in Scotland in November??


can somebody help me out with the same probem but for germany???


You can make your own no matter what country you live in.


And typically after saying that you would supply a link to somewhere with plans....


Yes I'll see you there James. Are you going to "Chestside barbell" for the bench this weekend?


Hahaha chestside!!

Nah I can't. It's the busiest weekend in the whole year this weekend (national greyhound derby and the puppy derby) so I couldn't get it off...

Tell all I said hi!


Footage of a homemade one here:

Its about 45secs in. Thats actually on the bottom of a homemade back extention.

Im attaching a part to my dip station,looks like the 2 pads on top of each other that your knees go under on a lat pull down. In the gym i grab a chair & do GHRs facing backwards on a lat pulldown or tricep machine.



I've seen that one before actually but it always struck me as a manual leg curl more so than a pure GHR?

Admittedly I'm not exactly au fait either of them, but that's just what I got from a first impression.



i know they're a killer either way...


I certainly don't doubt their ability to make your hamstrings feel like they're bout to rip off.

And I guess if you get stronger at them then it doesn't matter how "true" a GHR they are since your hamstrings are getting stronger anyway...