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Glute Ham Raise HELP!


Hi basically in my gym there are no GHR stations so I used the decline bench.


It's somewhat similar to that one I linked, so I set up this lift by tucking my shins under the roller and having my knees rest on the pad and I go down...this is the most upsetting part I CAN'T DO ONE REP... As I go down I can feel as if my hamstrings are about to tear apart and I'm not even 15% way down yet...

Well my hamstrings are PRETTY skinny and I tried doing the GHR after my squat, any tips guys of how I can at least complete 1 COMPLETE rep of the GHR??


The way you do it is MUCH harder than a regular GHR. Its also the one i do. Its normal to suck at these and feel your hamstrings being ripped from the bone.

Anyway catch yourself with your hand when the hams give up on the way down and push yourself halfway up push up style and finish the movement with your hamstrings. Low reps and no need for more than 2-3 set since its so brutal.
Ive never seen anyone not use their hands at least a little on those.


Do Glute ham raises on a swiss ball instead. it'll strengthen your hammies with less chance of doing harm. Don't get me wrong. GHR's will kick your ass, plus there are all kinds of variations; different leg placements, iso-holds, single leg.. love me some GHRs after squats and rDLs


How do you do GHR on a swiss ball? :stuck_out_tongue:


A suggestion from the peanut gallery.

I do mine assisted with a small band. At home I can sling it off a chain hung from the basement rafters, & use carbine clips to adjust height (resistance). At camp I do the same off the chin bar in the rack. Tuck band across chest/arm pit. This has allowed me to do sets of 3-12 by adjusting the height. It also allows for progression, lower band = less assistance.


This is half correct IMO...LOL
This is similar to how I do them. It make a big difference if you can find a way create a foot plate. This guy uses the frame of the machine, I back up the wall and have someone hold my feet down. I can do 8-10 without catching myself. Using a band as mentioned is a great way to begin.


This is how I do em . Start off using as much pushing with your hands as you need, and gradually youll be able to do it unassisted.


I guess it'd be more like a "swiss ball leg curl" but it gets both your gutes and hammies... my fault for incorrectly naming the exercise


When I think of a swiss-ball I imagine the full ball being used. The thing in the video is usually called a bosu-ball. I was just teasing with my 'half right' statement because the bosu is about 1/2 of a swiss ball. I don't get 'hung-up' on specifics of a name like that, I'm all about what works!


Thanks Patrick, I do mine similarly except I used to give myself a push-up type push. The stick looks like such a better idea for controlled movement.


I do 'em the way meadows does em. But instead of leaving the stick planted try hold it in your hands until it's absolutely necessary to use it. This creates resistance, since the sticks can weight anywhere from ~8lbs on up.


Ah finally a use for the bosu balls, I've always wondered what do people use them for beside standing on it with 1 foot and doing a tricep pull down...

Seriously I saw people doing them and i've always wondered why....


I've been looking for a way to get introduced to doing this, seeing as how there's no GHR station at my gym. Alright I'll give them a try using the bosu ball and a similar set up with the stick, thanks BlueCollar and Patrick!


I vote for the stick. When I just started out / when I haven't done them for a while too much weight on my hammies and they cramp up and threaten to tear. The stick is good because you can adjust how much load you lift yourself vs let the stick assist.

I tried a band but didn't find that so helpful. It pushed me back and didn't quite assist enough at the right times. I've experimented with falling and stuff - but you need to be fairly adapted to prevent the muscle cramping / tearing thing.


In my post above I mention creating a foot brace/plate to push off of while doing these (I use a wall). Without it the hamstring will cramp in most lifters and prevent proper execution. I also do my seated calve work and serious stretching before doing this movement. Stick or not; the foot plate makes all the difference in the world.


The footplate does make a big difference tbh, i cranked out 4-5 reps and for a skinny shit like me i'm happy.