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Glute Ham Raise Form Check 2nd Attempt


I'm looking for more feedback on my form.

I watched the EFS vid with Dave Tate and tried to apply his sage like advice. Still don't feel entirely comfortable doing it hence why I've posted it on here.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated

Cheers dudes!


Looks pretty good to me. You might want to try moving the pad further towards your ankles so you can get your knees on the pad. Also, you might want to go down a little bit further.


There's a little too much lower back movement in there. Try to hold a tight arch and keep the back motionless. There should be no back or hip extension movements during this exercise and the only joint movement should be at the knees. Go lower too.


This. Also, the contraction should be a bit more deliberate. It's not so much a fluid movement as it is an explosive movement.


To go along with what the others have said, your first movement is throwing your head back to get momentum to complete the movement. Stop that, there really shouldn't be any movement in your lower back. Instead of thinking about going down, think about pushing out towards the other end of the gym, this will keep a tight arch and make sure you go all the way out until your knees are locked out and you reverse the movement.

Another thing, you're not finishing the movement at the top, you're completely short changing yourself. The point of the GHR was so you get activation of the calf, then the hamstring and finally the glutes when your at the top of the left, your glutes are squeezing hard to keep your body upright. Think about the last movement of the squat or deadlift, your hips come through and your glutes are tight as shit. You want to replicate that. Hope that helps.


Cheers guys

Some great advice here which I will be trying out tomorrow

Will keep you posted


looks good
maybe try raising the food pads a bit, see how that feels?