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Glute Ham Raise for Tight Hamstrings


Even though I have been stretching my hamstrings always seem to be tight. Joe DeFranco loves GHR and said they are great for preventing hamstring pulls. I was wondering if I worked them into my program my hamstrings will feel looser over time.


Even if they dont get looser, they will get a helluva lot stronger...GHR's should be in everyone's program, IMO


If you want a weighted movement that give your hamstrings a stretch I'd go with stiff legged deadlifts. Just be sure you don't let your lower back round excessively. I like bending my knees very slightly to protect my knees.

What kind of stretches have you been doing?

Sometimes for me, of 2 stretches that stretch the same area only one of those will work well for me personally.


I do a hip flexor stretch with a toe touch stretch for my hamstrings. The hip flexor stretch has been helping a lot.


Maybe try a different stretch for your hamstrings. The one I really like if I'm trying to get a good stretch is the one where you lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest, then extend your legs into the air and get a lot of your weight on your upper back and let gravity do the stretch.

Also, do you foam roll and do what's called a dynamic stretch. Like leg swings(forward and back, and to the side, that thing where move your hips in a circle. Stuff kind of like that.

This is another type of hamstring stretch that doesn't have you touching your toes. I started using these types of hamstring stretches more and only did the touch the toes type stretch if I'm not going to get to lie on the ground like at work or whatnot. The touch the toe type hamstring stretches can aggravate my SI joint issues and I thought the hamstring got more of the stretch with this type as opposed to the back which I feel happens a lot if your not really careful with touch your toe hamstring stretches.



I used to foam roll but not anymore, also I do do dynamic stretching. I will try to find a new hamstring stretch


A tight muscle is a weak muscle. Work the shit out of your hamstrings with the GHR and do soft tissue work until its not tight anymore.