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Glute-Ham Raise Assistance Exercises

I workout at home and my gym is very well equipped. My question to anyone with the knowledge is, what are the best assistance exercises, routines, and set/rep schemes to perform that will allow me to become stronger/more efficient when trying to do the natural glute-ham raise?

What’s an assistance exercise for an assistance exercise? Um, I’m not quite sure. :wink:

The best way to progress is really to just do negatives in your strongest ROM. I’d start your lower body workouts with 4x3 and increase the ROM each week. When you can do a controlled negative to bring your chest to the floor, then you’d start trying to work the positive/concentric.

And if they’re not already a part of your program, include some Romanian deadlifts as well. Getting hella strong on those will be about the closest thing to GHRs that you can do with free weights.