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Glute Ham Gastro Raises and bad cramping/pulls

While performing Glute Ham Raises (not on the dedicated machine) but on aboard for Ab crunches, with my feet secured under a foam roller (in a forced Plantar Flexion because of the board underneath). While attempted to pull myself up by driving my heels into the roller I always seem to painfully cramp up in my right Gastrocnemius, and I must abandon the set. I haven’t done any direct calve work in several months, beside rope work. My hamstring strength is okay, I have been using GHRs for almost 6 months now on various mediums on and off, and a few weeks ago I was able to use a GHR machine and was able to perform 3 full range reps with good form without any assistance from my hands. I was curious what I should do to remedy this.

Sorry I don’t have a comment or suggestion to your problem, but I do want to congratulate you on being able to do 3 reps of that god-awful-painful movement.
I still can’t do one.