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Glute Exercises


In addition to deep squats, lunges, and deadlifts, what other exercises can I use to develop glutes?


I know good mornings are mainly considered a hamstring exercise, but I feel those have improved my glutes. Also, glute-ham raises.


I think you named the best (most effective) ones. There are planty of variations to keep things fresh...

There are 2 kinds of basic deadlifts (maybe more)
Straight Leg
Bent Leg

When you factor in the variations in foot position, there are multiple kinds of squats.

Dumbell or barbell lunges. Walking or stationary lunges. One leg at a time or alternating legs.

The only other excercise that comes to mind is Back Extensions (horizontal extensions on a special bench, which most gyms have). You can do them weighted. This is probably not as good as the big 3 that you mentioned. The best exercises are compound (multi-joint) moves, and ones which you can pile on the heavy weights (like the ones you named).


What is a good morning and what is a glute-ham raise?


after doing glute-ham raises I can definately feel it in my lower back glutes and hams, so I believe that I am doing them correctly.

Start off by getting yourself into a pushup postion but keep your knees on the ground as if you were going to do a easy pushup from your knees. Lock your feet/heels under a low bar, under your bed, or you can have someone hold your ankles. You basically are going to pull your body up from the ground, using your knees as an anchor point. Use your glutes/hams to pull yourself up from laying flat on ur chest to being in an upright position, perpendicular to the ground, and then lower yourself back down to the starting position. It is as much an eccentric movement as it is a concentric movement. Therefore try to focus on lowering our body very slowly and if you are like me and aren't strong enough to pull yourself up from the ground using just you leg muscles, then give yourself a small push off the ground with your hands to help you start the motion.

As for good mornings, I've only done them once before and I don't think that I was ready strength or expirience wise to do the efficiently. From what I understand they are a more advanced exercise, but basically stand strait up with the bar on ur back as if you were going to squat. I believe you stand with legs about shoulderwidth apart and you either keep your legs strait or with a slight bend, try them both out and see what feels better. The movement is to bend forward at the waist until your upper body is paralell with the ground and then pull yourself back to the upright starting position, a similar movement to the glute-ham raises, which is probably why they both effect the same muscle groups.

I always tend to feel it in my glutes the second day after I squat, people look at me funny when I say that my ass hurts when sit down, anyways good luck with the glute training.


Dumbbell step-ups onto a high box or bench.


Also pull throughs work great



Look the exercises up at exrx.net


The three best glute exercises (in order):

  1. walking lunges

  2. sprinting

  3. squats

  4. deadlifts

  5. step ups


Romanian Deadlifts are great too. I usually do them on one of those raise platforms. These are sort of like a deadlift in reverse. There are several articles about them on the site.

Basically, you start with the weight at the top, lower it down, then return to the top. As far as knee flexion, it can be variable. If you remember that the key to really any of these excercises is that you never want to lose the arch in your lower back, then how far down you lower the weight will depend on how much you want to flex the knees. I usually slightly flex my knees and concentrate on sticking my but out and sort of sitting back. This allows me to lower to where my back has maintained its arch, my upper body is parallel to the ground, and the bar has just about reached the tops of my shoes. Going up I really concentrate on firing my glutes and squezzing at the top.

This really works glutes well for me.

But the one that really kills my glutes is lunges. I know its been mentioned already, but remember how you do your lunges can really affect how much they hit various parts of your legs. For me I've found the further out you step on the lunge the more it will hit your glutes. I always do dynamic lunges to, stepping out and then pushing back, returning to a standing position every time. Walking lunges can also do well for glutes.