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Glute Bridges... Holy Crap

I actually did Glute Bridges today for the first time… I was only doing 135lbs for reps of 20, but I no longer care how ridiculous they look. I thought I was going to black out when I stood up after every set, and I practically need a rope to pull myself out of my chair. These are staying in my routine from here on out!!

Anyone else with similar experiences or tips on the exercise??

No, but I would like to add that I like working my glutes and I think glute exercises are highly underrated.

actually tried them myself for the first time yesterday, and yes, they are going to be added to my regular routine. I did them at the end of my workout to just give it a try, started with just the bar, then 95lbs x 12, then 135 x 12 and another set of 135 x 12. really liked the focus on my hamstrings/glutes and look forward to working up in weight. I did them lying flat on the floor.

Next time want to try with my upper back against a bench to see how that feels. should be fun to see what kind of looks I get from people on the smith machine!

I’ll probably give 'em a shot. I don’t do any direct glute work, and squatting and deadlifting don’t seem to hit them much at all.

I haven’t done the weighted glute bridge as I don’t have a partner or anything to keep me from sliding across the floor, but I recently started doing weighted hip thrusts at the end of my leg workout (same thing, but with your back on a bench or some yoga steps).

Haven’t really been doing them long enough to notice alot of benefit yet, but I’ll stick with them and see where it takes me. I’m starting to train with a friend of mine who is looking to walk on to the track team here, so we’ll be sprinting alot.

I have always had problems with glute activation. I started with weighted glute bridges when that article came out and have been pleasantly surprised.

might seem stupid but, how do you load the weight?

like weight plates on the stomach?

barbell across the waist?

The floor on my gym is a rubber that kind of grips you a bit so you don’t get a TON of sliding back… but a little bit. I was wondering if anyone had tried putting a 45 or two behind their shoulders to take the place of someone standing there? That’s next on my list to try anyways.

my wife did them with 135, didn’t have any issues with sliding. Rubber mats line the floors so maybe that prevented her from sliding.

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
might seem stupid but, how do you load the weight?

like weight plates on the stomach?

barbell across the waist?[/quote]

BB on the waste with the pad on it.

I always do these on lower body days now; Try doing a Max voluntary contraction when you’re at the top position while holding it.

Worked my way up to 315 for reps on these, and have learned that being a lineman in football has made my glutes my best asset

Are you doing these before deads and squats like the article suggests? If so, I would imagine you would want it to be more like a mobility exercise with very little weight. Maybe before and after would be good.