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Glute Activation

Hey guys.

I have seen people talking about glute activation for increasing your deadlift if your glutes don’t fire correctly. But I always figured it was just like a glute training excercise for weak people. (ignorance on my part)

Does it realy help your glutes to fire correctly?

Does it realy help you use more weight?
(if your glutes aren’t firing correctly of course)

When should it be done, Before training? Every day? After training?

What are some good exercises to activate your glutes?

Anyone know any good articles?

I hate to ask to be spoon fed like this but if someone else out there has already looked this stuff up and would be willing to give me some info it would be very appreciated. Besides, its always better to talk to people who have done it before VS reading a study or something like that.

Helps for me. If I go for a while lifting relatively heavy and not doing enough mobility/soft tissue work, my squats start to get hard.

This just happened to me the other week, and I was a little bit frustrated, then remembered that its been forever since I did glute activation stuff, and the difficulty could just be “quiet” glutes. I added extra hip flexor stretching, single leg glute bridges (key here is to feel them in the glutes not the hamstrings) and some birddogs. As soon as a few days later the “hard” squats felt easy. Obviously totally anecdotal but maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

Pre-workout (at the end of my warmup) seems to work best for me.

I guess, for me, sometimes it isn’t “broken” but is still worth fixing.

Tons of it in Magnificent Mobility, N3wb. If you want to read more about the problems it can cause, read the articles Cosgrove wrote about “fixing” Dave Tate. Dave’s muscles were firing wrong (his glutes weren’t firing at all) and it was fucking his entire body up. Should convince you that some activation is a good thing :slight_smile:

I like scorpions, birddogs, and leg swings to get my hips and glutes warmed up before lower days.

Edit: It was Alwyn Cosgrove who diagnosed and fixed Dave Tate. The article is here:


That covers everything that I was wondering, Thanks alot guys!