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Glute Activation for Anterior Femoral Glide Syndrome


Hello guys I think I have AFGS in my left hip which is the result of the pain/discomfort in the crease of my hip when breaking parallel or lower. When I activate my butt with body weight hip thrusts and then go into a body weight squat there is no pain in the crease of the hip and I can go lower.

Any glute activation drills I should do or focus on getting my butt strong enough to move a certain weight during hip thrusts before I continue on with my leg workouts?


do them as a warm up and don't worry about adding weight. The warm up is just activation, the workout is where you build strength.

so something like:

-hip thrusts
-side lying clams
-bird dogs (this is activation for your core which you also want)

should do the trick. You can stretch your hip flexors too if you want but I've never seen a benefit.

make sure you really squeeze the glutes.


Sweet Ill do this.