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Glute Acne

A few years ago I started getting severe breakouts only on the glutes. It comes and goes. Begins deep under the skin like a hard knot,takes along time to surface,hurts, and just when it starts to clearup, another one appears.
This started at 45. I take good care of my diet. This started before any Tribex use.
Could it be from MRP?S, Protein powders? Alergy to casein? Creatine? Sitting (on a towel) in the sauna?
No problem on face or shoulders.
Anyone with a similar problem? My dermatologist didn’t know what it was from.

Sounds more like a rash, not technicaly “acne”.

It sounds like cystic acne to me. I’ve had it, it is no fun.

Cystic acne?
What did you do about it?

This is almost as good as the hemmorhoid post :0)

I went on a course of Accutane, and that took care of it for the most part. That might be overkill in your case. See a dermatologist if it really bothers you.

Harkonnen…How old are you? THAT is the way you react to someone who has a problem and is looking for help?
I went to the Doctor and for the rest of you who took this seriously, I thank you very much, was diagnosed as having Folliculitis, if you search the web you will see the horrible pictures and read how hard it is for doctors to treat it. I will get another opinion and do what I can on my own through diet to get rid of this.
This, as well as Hemorrhoids, is a very real, chronic, painful problem for many people who ARE and ACT like ADULTS with a little sense.
I am sorry that the T-Forum is not taken seriously, people are trying to help each other and learn; it is used to make fun of, and insult people who are looking for help.
I will get back to this Post when I find out what is going on with my skin problem, and maybe just maybe I can be of some HELP to SOMEONE IN NEED.
I joined T-Nation to be active in the fight to prevent Mag 10 from being banned and to defend my right to be FREE to choose what I believe I can use to better myself and my health like the people who FIGHT for longevity. This is very very serious for many people.
I love to have fun and joke and laugh, I love nasty jokes.
Harkonnen…BAD TASTE !