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Glutamine's bad taste

Can anyone help me out? I bought some glutamine in powder form to take after workouts, but the stuff taste so bad I can’t take it without getting sick. Does anyone have something they mix it with that won’t kill you? Thanks for your help.

I have found that the glutamine peptides don’t taste nearly as bad as regular glutamine. However, you can dry taking it with a sugar free juice drink to mask the taste.

Sugar-free dink mixes, such as Country Time.

You can’t taste it at all if you mix it with Low Carb Grow!, or with most any other protein powder – I’m partial to the tasty formula they’ve perfected with the Grow! though. I generally mix in 5-10g with my pre-bed shake on workout days. If you buy Surge, it already has glutamine in it, but if you make your own post-workout recovery drink along those lines you also shouldn’t be able to taste it will all of those simple sugars like dextrose in the drink.

I don’t think it’s supposed to have a flavor…I buy Labrada. It’s just slightly chalky in water. What kind is it? Maybe you got a bad batch. Otherwise, I usually throw it in a shake.

That is weird. I have found the glutamine peptide to be of bad taste, whereas the l-glutamine is tasteless.
GrowtH, what type of glutamine peptide do you buy that tastes good? I’d be interested to hear this.

thanks for the tips. I’ll give’em a try.

Nylo, country time is perfect. Good recommendation. Agent U, I use the L-Glutamine from Protein Creations, usually in 10g servings in about 20 oz of cold water, shaken up as much as possible.

check for millipedes

I mix it with my protein shake right after I work out. You can’t taste it at all. I mix it with Grow MRP (Chocolate) and that works for me.

that is not glutamine peptide.
glutamine peptide supposedly has much better absorption than l-glutamine, as well as being less expensive, only problem is in finding a good tasting one.

Regular L-glutamine shouldn’t have a taste. That’s why it’s important to buy from well-known, high quality companies. I’ve never heard of Protein Creations. I would seriously wonder what is in that bottle.

I bought Optimum. And it is horrible. It is L-Glutamine. I have used Optimum protein and have heard good things about them, so I assume they are a good company. Am I safe to assume this, or should I jump ship and buy from someone else.

Just buy some micronized glutamine like the stuff that AST Research and Dymatize use. It mixes up easier and dissolves alot better than regular glutamine. The peptide stuff tastes horrible because peptides have a distinct sour taste to them.Stick to the micronized stuff if your picky.