How often and how many grams should i take?

It depends on how much animal protein you may be taking in but Yale University School of Medicene recommends taking a supplemental dose of 6 grams of Glutamine and 1 gram of L Arginine to stimulate growth hormone. I double that myself. I still haven’t hit 6’7" though. :frowning:

What?! Glutamine helps u grow? Are u serious?
Oh yeah,can we all say “f*** genetic limitations!” :frowning:

being 6’4’’ and all, i can’t complain, and I owe it all to glutamine. Ok that 2nd part isn’t true.

Why all the negativity toward L-Glutamine? I take it and find it really helps with recovery, and god-forbid I overtrain, with DOMS. 5g a day should be fine, so long as you’re getting enough protein elsewhere.

Experts like Charles Poloquin suggest dosages of 60 grams per day are needed in order to achieve the maximum benefits from L-Glutamine. What you should probably look for are “Glutamine Peptides” which are approximately ten times more absorbable than L-Glutamine. You’ll only have to take five to ten grams per day to get the results you are looking for.

Ken, I think you may have read more into my comment than was meant. I was saying that Yale believes that Glutamine, in conjunction with Arginine, helps to stimulate the secretion of growth hormone. My comment about height was a facetious one…not meant to imply that glutamiine will make you taller. However, it MAY help you to maximize your genetic potential just as poor nutrition and lack of exercise will stop one from reaching his height potential. Sorry if I confused you.

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Shit!?! - just realized I have been taking the wrong supplement all these years - Glutamini. No wonder I’m only 5’4" tall.

I take 10-2O grams ED more than that gets too costly, outlaw.