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Hi there. im new here at testosterone.net. Im sure that this question has been asked about a hundred times before, but i have to ask again: Im a powerlifter, im working out with weights about 4-5 times per week. I want to grow big time!! I take 1-2 protein shakes per day, and im eating very much “goos” food! I get all that my body needs! But my question is, What about suplementing with glutamine? Will i notice any difference in my workout if i use glutamine? (There is much glutamine in 2 shakes, and I use amino acid suplements sometimes to!) is it worth the money??

Thank you // Sturla

Sterla, as long as you’re getting good quality protein in your diet, I would say hold off on the glutamine until you go into a “cutting” phase. It’ll definitely make a difference if you’re trying to maintain as much muscle as you can while dieting. By the way, if you can find a good casein protein supplement, casein is extremely high in glutamine anyway, so you wouldn’t have to worry about extra glutamine supplementation…

I believe that glutamine is useful in times of bulking up and cutting down. I find that I am significantly less sore the first and second day after a workout, if I took 5-10 grams the night before. Another important thing to remember with glutamine is that it must be taken alone on a empty stomach. Protein and other substances compete with glutamine and lessen the effectiveness. I think that glutamine peptides are a superior product because they are many times more effective and they can be taken with anything.

I know that this is off topic - but do you happen to be Norwegian?