I too have found glutamine to be almost useless.Ive experimented with 2 to 60 grams daily and have not seen any better results than not taking it(size wise,but a did feel it helped me recover a bit,didnt need a large dose,but felt a bit fresher,could be placebo).I guess we can thank Poliquin,Serrano and DiPasquale for this screw up.

I gotta agree with WSTRAINER, which is saying a lot, 'cause I usually think he’s a dick. :slight_smile: Just kiddin.

A very good and very brave article by David Barr! I encourage all to read Part I and part II before you buy it again.

Arginine,Taurine, Alanine,L and acetyl L-Carnitine is pretty much where money is well spent.Whats your recomendations TEK?