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I know there has been much debate over the effectiveness of Glutamine, but I have already purchased some and am going to use it.

When is the optimal time to take it? What is a reasonable dosage? Should food be eaten after? Should food have been consumed hours before?

From what I have read, it looks like it is best to take it on an empty stomach, so I was planning on taking 5 grams post workout and 5 grams before bed. Any tips or feedback from those that have used it would be great.


Most guys take it with food, up to 30g/day. I stick with around 15g, morning/pre/post and maybe some extra before bed.

I use it because a prep guy suggested it to me, saying that since I weight train 7 days a week it would help me keep my work capacity up. I'm not sure exactly what I can attribute to glutamine, but I'm still busting ass 7 days a week so it can't be hurting anything.


Thanks for the advice. I'm the same way, always in 6-7 days per week, and it was suggested that I add it into my diet. Were you told to take it with food? Just wondering because I have read that it is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach because it actually competes with food for uptake if taken at the same time. If you do, do you take it with, before, or after your meal?

Do you take 15gs 3 times per day or 5gs 3 times per day?

Also, should it be refrigerated?


Would taking 5 grams upon waking, and taking 5 grams both pre and post workout be reasonable?


I'm no expert, but i have been taking 5g in the morning, 5g post workout and 5g with my pre-bed shake. I don't know how much it has helped, but with-in 3 days of starting this, my muscles are noticeably fuller all day, everyday.


Sounds good. I think I'm going to go with 5gs upon waking, 5gs pre and 5gs post workout.


Yes, I was told to take mine with food. I actually use a version of glutamine with an added enzyme that makes it more bio-available so I don't need 5g doses, I'm just doing my best to give equivalences here. Basically one 5g dose of my stuff is the same as 15-20g of just straight glutamine.

I use it upon waking, an afternoon meal, post workout and bed time.

My pre/peri mix already had it added in so I'm getting in a pretty steady stream all day.

Nope don't need to fridge it.

edit: ketoglutarate powder is what helps with the absorption


Been taking this for a bit under a month now, 5gr in my pre- and 5gr in my post-workout shake. On off days, 5gr in the morning and 5gr in the evening.
Wanted to try it mostly for the alledged gut-repair effects (I seem to be better), but seems to have a good overall effect with regard to muscle fullness and, indeed, work-capacity.


Thanks. Yea I actually started looking at it solely for gut health (as seen in my other thread), but also saw the other alleged benefits. If it works it works, if not, the placebo effect is just as powerful.


I have a friend who supplements with Glutamine because if he doesn't regular training will make him chronically sick (catch a cold sick).

Outside of the aforementioned issue, I think most people on this board will agree supplementing with Glutamine for bodybuilding purposes is a waste of money.


Should glutamine be taken separately from a post workout shake? I've read that glutamine and protein utilize the same receptors, so if they are taken at the same time they compete with one another.

I have just started taking glutamine right when I'm done, and then following up with a shake when I get home. Make sense?


Hmm, I've been taking it mostly with my pre- and post-workout shake. (so along with some ( -40-50gr) whey (hydrolysate pre and regular post), 5gr of leucine(pre and post), and 5g of creatine (pre))

I'm thinking about changing that to taking the glutamine separately in the morning and evening, and see how that makes me, uhm, feel (in relevance to gut health and the perceived work capacity, although I'm somewhat on a cut so there's a lot of other factors in play).


Just bought 900 g of the stuff, I'll take 5 g pre and postworkout. I train twice a day.

Worked fine just taking a teaspoon and swishing it down with some water.


Lyle McDonald advocates a couple of grams of it before bed to help with GH release.


glutamine = protein, right

or are you taking L-glutamine? are they even different?

anyway i always thought glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in most proteins (meats, whey, eggs etc)

EDIT: so i guess the benefit is from taking it by itself? also, those who are taking it, have you seen any benefits yet?


No, you are incorrect. I am talking about L-glutamine.


ok thanks for clearing that up


L-glutamine is glutamine.

I've never seen anyone claim that the "L" form has any magical properties. It's simply much less expensive then peptide-bonded glutamine.


I was clearing up the fact that he thought protein is simply the same as glutamine, which isn't true, as I was talking about a pure glutamine supplement, not a shake or something similar.


for the record... i know glutamine is an amino acid (ie protein). i just wasnt sure if the 'L' form actually did have different properties.