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Hey THibs,

First off, congrats on the new para-workout nutrition program, very interesting.

From what I have gathered, you suggest Glutamine when carbs are near zero or when the individual has a weak immune system. The latter seems to be my case.

Is this based on experience or have you come across any scientific studies? Could you direct me to any one of them by any chance? (I don't mind searching for it)

Also, do you recommend L-Glutamine? Powder or caps? Any specific brands?



Not to contradict Thib but if others are wondering, I went ahead and did my own research.

I found these 3 studies:


All three studies find that supplementing with glutamine has zero effect on boosting the immune system after strenous exercise. Proper food is the best immune system booster.


A weakened immune system often is correlated with lowered levels of glutamine.
So, glutamine supplementation seems to be effective in aiding recovery from illness but if you're not already exhibiting obvious symptomology of a weakened immunity, then I doubt it will have a noted effect(as supported by the links you posted).
In other words it has effectiveness for treatment but not for prevention and is a valuable tool for maintaining muscle mass through an illness.
Of course, this is all IMHO.