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I just read an article by Nelson Montana regarding glutamine stating that it can cause stress on your kidneys & liver. And something about having excessive in urea. What does that exactly mean? I thought that there was no danger in taking glutamine? Am I wasting my money?

It’s all bull shit bro glutamine does nothing of the sort if takin in a average amount(10gm before activity 10gm after or 10gm before bed)it’s just like the creatine gives you cancer bull shit!!

As far as I know Nelson is an aspiring actor/musician in NYC and NOT a scientist, but nevermind… Glutamine does not interfere with renal metabolism or cause the side effects you noted. Hell, we give it in IV nutrition to patients, give it orally to Crohn’s disease patients, give it orally to certain people on chemotherapy, but for bodybuilders, I guess it is not safe… Sheesh