I am taking protein powder and flax oil and was thinking about taking Glutamine. What does Glutamine do for you recovery wise and is it worth it money wise considering I am on a tight budget. My goal is to put on another 15 pounds over the next few months would glutamine be something to add?

OJ, glutamine will certainly help you towards your goals. Go out and buy a lot of it. However, 15 pounds in a few months? You do know it’s going to take more than protein powder and flax. What is your dietary plan?

In my past experience with Glutamine, I’ve noticed a little water retention and muscle conservation. I like to use it more when I’m dieting, rather than when I’m trying to put on pounds. Simply because, like you, I have a tight budget and as far gaining mass, there are better things to spend your money on. I’m sure you know Creatine is excellent, my personal favorite is Creatine Extreme (Champion Nutirion) which has glutamine added to it.

Tanx for the response. I’m only a buck 65 right now and have been gaining pretty rapidly over the last two months or so about 10 pounds by changing my workout every 4 weeks. I would like to gain another 15 by february or march before my appetite decreases in the summer due to the heat. I eat 5-6 meals a day depending on how much I can force down and get right at 200 grams of protein. I’m also taking 3 tablespoons of udo’s choice and 10 fish oil pills along with 2 MRP’s. Would creatine be a better bet than Glutamine? I want real size and not just to add 10 pounds of water and have that go away after I stop taking creatine which will eventually happen. I relaize I’m going to have to overshoot my weight by a few pounds but I really don’t know by how much. SO do you think creatine would be better, and how much of that weight will just be water?

If you can, creatine and glutamine are both excellent supplements to include. If you play your cards right, you can get 1000g of glutamine for under $50, and that will last a few months. Try to look around online for supplement distributors that offer free shipping (a must when you’re ordering heavier items like powders). But yes, creatine AND glutamine is much better than creatine or glutamine. I can sympathize with you, as I’m a college student, too. The best advice I can give (I’ve been doing this for 2.5 years now) is to budget out your supplement expenses in terms of how much they cost you each day or month, and prioritize which are the most important. And, of course, if your school cafeteria is all-you-can-eat, fill your pockets with fruits, sandwiches, anything…hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

OJ, first off let’s hope this isn’t really you. Glutamine is an excellent supplement for adding mass, in fact Poliquin once recommended it as one of the most anabolic supplements available. Expensive, yes, but the gains would be quality as compared to basically temporary artificial gains from creatine. Do your homework on the net though and you will find companies who will sell you a kilo for about 30-35 bucks depending on if it’s L-glutamine or the peptides. Personally I would only use the peptides because studies have shown their absorption to be many times greater than the L- version. Think of the peptides as hydrolyzed glutamine, just like the hydrolyzed whey in surge, very readily absorbed! Many people claim little if any gains from glutamine but I would argue these are the people who simply do not use enough. Try using 60-65 grams a day for a 200# athlete and then report in your results! On the other hand I understand the cost can become an issue so if you need an instant 15 lbs. the other option would be to buy Mag10.

I am already taking EAS Deluxe okay I’m sorry it isn’t surge twice a day and it says it has a “glutamine support system” in it. I cannot however find how much is in it on the package how much glutamine is in it if any. I know I should buy biotest but i can get this stuff at a decent price and can get it at a pack at a time. Anyhow does anyone know if I might want to still take glutamine. If I do how much is advisable I loked through the T-mag search engine and found a ass load of conflicting information.

right now i am doing probably 20g-30g aday of glutamine. Cant tell you my full impressions yet.

forget the glutamine, it won’t give you results you are looking for. I have taken both l-glutamin & glutamine peptides with very little results. you need to read t-mag, don’t skim, read and comprehend. If you wan’t to gain 15lbs. use the diet manifesto. You are what you eat, Androgens are the only shortcut to gaing muscle. If you don’t eat you ain’t gonna grow. Try MASSIVE EATING by john will work if you diligently stick with it. good luck

OJ, sorry it’s taken a bit to get back to you. Luckily, the guys here have offered the right info. Creatine + Glutamine is your best bet, and Dave is right on with his info, especially about using glutamine peptide. Make sure when you buy creatine and/or glutamine to buy it by the kilo, not in caplets… caplets won’t give you nearly as much as you need. As for your diet, eat like a monster, but eat right!! Lean meats, eggs, fish, veggies, nuts, oils, olives, and whole rolled oatmeal.

Tahnkz for the responses everyone.