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glutamine while on fat fast

I went down to the local gnc since it was “super tuesday” and I saw that glutamine was cheap, plus all that muscle sparring stuff I read on it convinced me to buy it. Now I feel great… I felt like crap on monday (day 7 of ff), then after taking 1.5g of glut during lunch on tuesday and then later on some more (post workout and before bed) I felt really nice and energetic throught the day and not so horrible during my shoulder workout later that day, also feel pretty good today (wed). Question in my mind that I’d like to get some feedback on is this: is this my body finally adapting to the keto diet? or is this the glutamine? I realize that its hard to give a definitive answer, but I’d appreciate your opinions on the most likely scenario.

As your dosage of glutamine has been quite low it’s most likely just your body adapting to the ketogenic diet. However, if you use enough glutamine it can help you with energy, concentration, and helps to suppress carb cravings but on your diet you’ll probably need to use at least 20 grams per day to see these effects.

Im doing a keto diet myself. I dont think I could ever do the fat fast diet. But anyway I have 4 weeks and I’m gonna up my glutamine to around 40g a day. I’m not exactly sure how much should be after workout. I’m using half that now.
What kind of workout are you doing. Also may I ask what you’re doing this for. Spring break? Just curious. Thats why I’m doing it. I’m at about 10.5%bf now and would like to get to 6-7 before i go.

The glutamine will help a little bit but around day 7 is when your body finally gets kinda used to the carb cut, I also reccomend taking omega fatty acid it really helped me not feel so crappy on very low carb

were you cycling with a carb load day. I assume not because you said day 7. I’m just finishing day 3 and I dont even feel that bad. Kinda wondering whats up with it. How did you come off? Did you go right back to eating carbs like before or progress up. I mentioned in another post that After 3 more weeks I should prob be down to 7% but as soon as I get on breakI’ll be boozin everyday and I dont wanna just pack on fat.

Glutamine dosage recommendations vary so much according to the experts it’s ridiculous. Poliquin bases glutamine dosage post-w on carb intake. the 40g. dose would be if you were taking zero carbs and only protein w. your post-w shake. If memory serves me 26-40 g. was his range, depending on carbs. Carbs are based on bodyfat and intensity of training. If you’re over eight percent and trying to lose fat, then he says only protein and glutamine. Keep in mind that this is only one person’s recommendation…I’m not saying you should take it as gospel.

Doing, sat: chest and triceps, sun: back and biceps, tues: shoulders and traps, thurs: legs. I used to do about 3 different excercises per body part at around 3-4 sets of each. Now I’m doing 2 different excercises at about 3 sets each. I can’t handle much more, my strengh took a dive like crazy. I’m not doing any cardio yet, if progress doesn’t come steadily I’ll start (will see what happens this week now that the water is gone). Also it seems like it is SOOOO much easier to get injured while on the fat fast (less water to lubricate the joints?) I have been trying to be really carefull, still there’s some joint pain (I can handle it so far). Also I got a little bit of the sniffles (taking extra vitamin C and other vitamins in addition to the multi to help this out). So I can understand why someone wouldn’t do the fat fast. As to my reasons: I really don’t have a solid goal like: getting married or spring break. My line of reasoning is that I’ve been on a bulking cycle (altho a crappy one hehe) since I started working out (about 3 and a few months years ago) and now its time to cut. The great thing is that I’ve learned so much in this time while on the fat fast. I really feel that once I get off of it (I’m on day 10 now, going to try till March 1st, unless progress stops and I’m happy with the results) I’m going to know how to eat properly and have no trouble getting thru the plateau I’ve been on for a good few months. If I can consistently eat 150 grams of protrein on the FF I know I can do 1.5 of body weight or a bit more while off of it. And I’ll finally start doing chins and squats instead of the dork excercises (and they’ll be easier since I’ll weigh less hehe). I guess my motivation is this: looking fit while clothed, having love handles while not. I’m thinking my bf started at 15-20%% (didn’t measure and probably won’t for a long long time) at 215 (most I’ve weighted was 225 then I cleaned up my diet some and did a bit of cardio to get to 215, then plateued there). Now I’m at 204. Good luck with your keto and your conquest!