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Glutamine vs. Glutamine Peptide

I usually try to take 20 grams of glutamine each day. I was always under the impreesion that pure L-glutamine was better than glutamine peptides. Someone recently told me it was the other way around. Should I be taking one, the other or both?

Kevin, there’s a good article on this subject in the T-Mag archives, however I wouldn’t burden you with the task since you don’t read the magazine.

Hope you get a good answer kid, because we know it would KILL YOU to read the articles in T-mag on this topic. Lazy shit. Why don’t you insult the editors of this magazine and site again, then I’m sure they’d be glad to help you out.

For those that don’t know, this guy has been annoying the fuck out of the photo side of the forum for the last week - refusing the read T-mag, says learning something would take time away from the lifting, insults Chris Shugart for posting a pic of his daughter - basically acting in a way that makes most users of this forum cringe.

Oh hell. The dick from the picture forum has discovered the training forum. God save us from his stupidity.

Wow. Somebody sure knows how to win friends.

I’m going to be open-minded and hope that you’ve seen the light, Kevin.

That being said, check out David Barr’s recent article on glutamine here at T-Mag. You’ll likely find that the answer to your question is D (none of the above), except under a few specific circumstances. Keep an eye out for another article regarding one of these circumstances/exceptions.

Better check the back issues my friend. I ditched the glutamine and now my wallet is thicker.

Glutamine, shmutamine. What I want to know is: HOW MUCH IS YOUR BENCH PRESS?

I will check out that article. Apprently some of you guys don’t even use any sort of glutmine; I will have to see what’s up. Glutamine is very expensive which makes me very annoyed with it. My bench max, as someone wanted to know, is 370 paused and shirted at the weight of 190. Also at 190 I squatted 415 and deadlifted 430 powerlifting style. I am now 18 and a freshman in college and recently benched 315 x 5 raw at the weight of 210. I was on a high reps cycle but recently switched to a ten week max-training cycle and look to hit 400 in an EHPHD by the beginning of February.

Read the glutamine articles in issues 230 and 231 and read John Berardi’s appetite for construction column a few issues back, and read through the Q and A archives at johnberardi.com, for he answered this exact question.

glutamine peptides are absorbed faster then regular L-glutamine because the are smaller. they are also more expensive. ideally this is what you’d want in workout shakes. Also why are people knocking glutamine whens it’s one of the biggest parts of your protein intake? It’s only bad thing is it’s price, that’s why the article was written in t-mag. Look at the amino acid profiles in your protein shakes. laters pk

PK, I don’t think people are knocking glutamine per se; rather, they’re knocking supplementing with free-form glutamine. That was the point of David Barr’s article – that glutamine’s great, but most of us get more than enough of it in our diets. Personally, I’m not covinced of his position – too many people have reported great gains from consuming BCAAs and glutamine during and after training. I suppose the BCAAs could be wholly responsible for the results, but my instinct is that they’re not. Maybe the glutamine acts as a buffer so more of the BCAAs get into one’s muscles or something.