Glutamine Question

Just wanted to ask you guys what glutamine has done for you? Dont wanna go and waste my money now do i? Is it all that?

It didn’t do anything for me. I went through 5 or 6 600g bottles of powder before deciding it wasn’t worth the money. Others say it works so you might try one bottle and see for yourself.

I have only found it useful when dieting.

The effects are not stunningly pronounced, but I do keep careful track of my weight and BF%. I found that when I used it while dieting and doing more cardio, a greater percentage of my weight loss came from fat rather than from muscle, so it protected my muscle during restricted calories and running/treadmill.

For me I don’t respond to cretine at all so Glutamine helps alot w/ cell volumization. I get better pumps during workouts ( i take 10 grams before and after). LBM gains aren’t that noticeable but then I’ve never used it in conjunction with a mass phase. I also don’t get that bonk during my workouts especially during heavy squats or deadlifts where you feel totally dead after and still have the other half of your workout to go. Give it a try it couldn’t hurt for about $40. I’ve used Prolab’s in the past and seems to work.

It’s a decent supplement as far as its health benefits, but I didn’t notice any earth shattering results with muscle growth or recovery. If you comsume enough protein and especially if you drink any popular MRP on the market, you’re getting enough of the stuff. Use your money for convenient protein supps or MRPs.

It didn’t do shit.

10 grams a day (Prolab) made me a bit lighter in the wallet area.

Slaine, how old are you, bud? The reason I ask is that from responses posted to a similar question previously, it seems like older guys get more out of it than younger ones.

Seriously, don’t waste your money on that crap. I tried it and it didn’t do anything for me. Another unnecessary product. Go buy some food instead, lots of it.

I used the twin labs product. I thought it was great. I would take 5 grams of powder under the toungue and let it disolve before I worked out. Then I did the same right after I worked out. This was years ago. Im not working out right now but when I do I will probably use other products. You can get more for your money.

To tell the truth, I don’t monitor myself closely enough to see any tangible benefits, but do feel better on it while dieting. I suggest buying from Protein Factory. I pay $30 for a pound, and I trust their quality and service beyond anyone else out there. I also get creatine from them at $35 for 1000g.

Hi Chris Chardon, i am 19 years old. I keep reading that Glutamine is the supplement that bodybuilders cant live without (yeah, along with something else lol).

I can guarantee that if I spent all the money I spent on supplements on steak, chicken and whole milk, I would weigh 20 pounds of muscle more than I do now. Word of wisdom to you teenagers.

I have found glutamine to be of great benefit. Most inexperienced lifters will not see or feel a difference though. These subtle changes are felt by the more experienced who know how their body reacts. On the other hand, experienced lifters might not see or feel a difference because of the other supplements or drugs they are using. As far as I can tell it works best for recovery. I cannot seem to overtrain while using it. It allows you to train longer if you use it beforehand also. Even though most of your dietary intake will supply enough for the brain I seem to concentrate better on it as well. This is of course because it converts to glutamic acid. It receives the number 1 ranking on my supplement list. By the way, there are quite a few people that think steroids do not do anything for them either.

I take glutamine during my occasional workout periods whereI am concentrating on high poundage – but I can’t honestly say it has given me anything noticeable. Probably a psychological boost more than anything. I had read that it also boosted the immune system – but I can’t say that I think it has ever prevented me from getting a cold or helps me get better faster. When I am taking it (usually up to 15 grams per day spread over 3 does), I usually do find that I wind up taking way more pee-breaks throughout the day.

I’ve used AST Research’s GL3 Glutamine. I was using up to 20-30 grams a day and noticed nothing! Save your money on this supplement. If you’re using a quality protein powder, I think you should be getting enough glutamine.

sounds pretty unanomous to me. Glutamine is obviously a waste of money. Only one is really for it, and he is obviously an idiot. F.Y.I There are individuals on whom testosterone does not react the desired way.

take it from me, i have used thousands of grams of glutamine over the last 4 years in every dose you can imagine and i have had at least 5 others try this along with me…it does absolutely nothing!

Thanks guys for the responses i dont think i will be buying Glutamine anymore.