Glutamine Q?

I’ve always put my Glutamine powder in with my protein shakes. Roughly 20-25g a day. But from other posts and stuff I’ve read, is the glutamine being absorbed? The argument goes that the presence of other aminos blocks the glutamine. That makes no sense to me. Wouldn’t you simply be adding more of one amino to your shake. The same goes w/BCAA. Why take this on an empty stomatch? Have I crapping my glutamine away?

I don’t know if you are crapping it out or pissing it out, but I take a different approach. I just shovel it in by itself and wash it down with water. 2 grams before workout and 3 after. I found this to work the best.

I don’t think that other aminos affect glutamine. If that was the case amino acid capsules would be useless. However, I heard that glutamine and creatine use the same “receptors” so therefore should not be taken together.

I hope this helped.

Best of Luck

Forgive me if this isn’t quite right, but I read something about this on the AST website a few months ago.
The study that is the basis for your claim is fairly old. There has since been evidence that it was the tracers for the glutamine, not the glutamine itself that was not being absorbed. Since your body has such a ravenous demand for glutamine, it is unlikely that it is poorly absorbed. And no, glutamine and creatine don’t share the same receptors. At least not on a cellular level. Each has its own.

Thanks guys. I’ll continue to throw it in my shakes. The stuff is terrible by itself.

I would reccomend using glutamine alone or with BCAA’s between meals on an empty stomach with water. This takes advantage of it’s anti-catabolic properties along with keeping the body in a postive nitrogen balance, and I have no studies to back it up but I have read in a few places that it is absorbed better this way.
To chime in on the glutamine/creatine absorption issue, as I recall it is not an issue of receptor cites, but of osmolarity. If you are going to take them both at once, try about 3g of each and drink about 500mL of water to ensure they both have enough liquid to be utilized.