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Glutamine Poll


Dr. Lowery placed this in his article:

"In the past I personally think that I've benefited from just a quarter-scoop (~1 Tbsp) of protein powder, an egg white or even 3-5g of glutamine or indispensable amino acids just as I'm beginning the "cardio".

I have been reading so many conflicting reports on Glutamine that I want to poll the T-Nation members to find out:

A. Do you use Glutamine?

B. Do you find that it makes a difference?

C. How do you take it if you do take it? With other Amino's? or by itself?

Thanks for your help..



A. Yes. From Surge.

B. I don't know about Glutamine by itself, but Surge makes a huge difference for me.

C. 24 ounces of water, 3 scoops of Surge, 5 grams of creatine.



A. Do you use Glutamine?

  • Not anymore

B. Do you find that it makes a difference?

  • After reading Dave Barrs article on glutamine, i started thinking if it did anything, so i stopped using it for nearlly a year now and see no difference.


I use glut. I put it in my PWO and also a scoop before bed with ZMA. I think it helps keep my immune system jacked. I swear by its ability to ward off bugs during high stress or heavy workouts.


I use it

Can't say it makes a difference - essentially like taking a multivitamin - do you notice a difference with a multi-v?

I take 3g first thing in the morning and with Surge after wo

you are right abouit the conflicting articles - but I look good so I'm going to keep using it.


you don't use Surge? 2 demerit points!!!!


I used glutamine around 3 or 4 years ago when I last cycled with creatine. I consumed around 5-10 grams a day back then (training at a frequency of about 5 times/week at high intensity). Two scoops of Surge provides 3 grams of glutamine which I've read isn't enough for optimal brain function or immune support.

I actually ordered a kilo of this stuff last night so I'm thinking of stacking it with creatine again and D-ribose after I get done with my cutting phase. Since I always consumed glutamine with creatine, I can't ascribe any anti-fatiguing or strength gaining effects to it, but it could be analogous to vitamins as a fellow poster already relayed.

Peace be with you ZEB.


He didn't say he didn't use Surge. that may well be what he means by PWO> Anyhow, you can make your own shake that is just as good as Surge with a nearly identical profile. Except it tastes like ass and is a pain in the ass to mix.


A: Used to use it, but quit after reading about how it can make your internal organs and intestines grow

B: I don't know whether it had any effect or not, but for the year or more I used it, I was never sick, so maybe it did boost my immune system.

C: Added it to pwo shake usually


I really don't notice any differences when I'm not using it as opposed to when I am. Therefore, it's not something I spend money on anymore.


I don't use Surge. I have been working out for some time before Surge came along and have done quite well thank you. I like this site, but if you think the only way to gain muscle is to ingest only these supps is pretty ridiculous.

My PWO is gatorade/glut/protein.

I carry almost 230-240lbs of lbm.

I don't eat rolled oats for breakfast.

I mix fats and carbs.

I believe in glut.

I don't get results from creatine.

You see, I've got experience and my own empirical evidence by which I measure my progress and what works for me. I don't let one article or one study determine my workout or my nutrition. Surge may be good. But if glut is bad for you, why was it added to Surge?


Take it easy...I was one of the people saying that Surge is great but not strictly necessary for great progress. I used to make my own shake. I don't think glutamine is bad personally. I just didn't notice any benefits, myself. With creatine I do.


Actually--it wasn't you who I was responding too. Sorry about the mix up. I was popping the guy who gave me 2 demerit points(whatever theF that is) for not using Surge.


Whoever said that glutamine is harmful?

It's a naturally-occuring amino acid after all, so I can't imagine anyone making such a claim.


I could totally be wrong but I seen to remember Berardi stating that ONE of the reasons straight amino acids (to include the glutamine) was added to Surge was that it boosted the insulin response even more.


Oh, and to answer Zeb's question.

I used it years ago for a few months and didn't notice any difference.

I would use 5 grams added to my Surge (yea yea, I know) and 5 more with bedtime Grow!.


What about an author from this site and referrenced in 2 posts above.


I use 40g of glutamine peptides PWO and before bed, along with my NO-Xplode. It makes me swole.


Glutamine, IMHO is a 'wonder' supplement. It keeps you from over-training, since the main thing that gets taxed during long, heavy workouts is your CNS. Thats where glutamine comes in. I've lifted more, and with greater ease while I was on it. I take it first thing in the morning. Then, preworkout with my Creatine. Post workout with my whey shake. And, at bedtime. 5g dose each.


I've never used a glutamine supplement ...

hope I've been helpful...

some fools even claim that testosterone (a naturally occuring hormone) can be harmful...hahaha