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Glutamine mixing with alcohol?

If you mix glutamine with alcohol will it improve its transport to the blood? Just thinking how we can improve the efficiency of oral glutamine supplementation…
Please share your thoughts.
P.S. I did not mean strong alcohol, so no, I do not promote drinking :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to be an asshole but thats a dumb question. Would you take your creatine with a 40 oz. of Colt after a workout as well.

lol at rye…yeah man thats a pretty dumb question…dont know where u came up with that one…the best thing i would recommend taking with gluatamine to ensure that it gets into the system would be some simple carbs like gatorade or juice(esp. grape)…these raise insulin levels…which help shuttle nutrients into the blood stream and to the cells.

Don’t listen to those guys. This is a totally valid question. I personally combine my glutamine with alcohol in the following ratio:
(Glutamina Colada)

10 g. Glutamine
1 1/4 oz Coconut Cream
2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz white rum

I’ve seen plenty of supplements put into an alcohol solution to increase transport time. Liquid valerian root works in about 2 minutes instead of 20 min. for the capsules. I don’t know if its really cost efficient… Unfortunatley you’ll have to wait for someone who actually makes supplements to chime in on this one, it may damage proteins or aminos by putting them in alcohol. Don’t listen to people making fun of you, most people don’t like to “think outside the box.” I’m sure they would have laughed at people making a skin delivery system for a supplement 5 years ago but here we have it…

Actually i worked in a health food store selling this crap…supplements in general fuckin suck for the most part…other than a handful of things…as far as that skin delivery system i have known about that for a while like since 1998…so no i do think out of the box…it just doesnt make since to me to take glutamine with alcohol…if you have some reference or research on it i would love to read it…the only thing i have heard with taking alcohol is androstendione and leaving it in alcohol for a period of time…unfortunately i dont remember where i read it or what happened when this occured…if you have any input let me know.

Try your glutamine in some seltzer water and add a little salt.

Thanks to all who answered! <Special thanks for the Glutamina Colada recipe :-)>
Yes, basically I was thinking about how alcohol extracts (like valeriana mentioned) are usually faster and more effective than powder or water solution. Well, it might be that valerian root contains some components that are readily solvable in alcohol but not in the water. Glutamine solubility probably is not affected by adding some alcohol, so there is no hidden bonus. Maybe the (weak) complex of glutamine and alcohol molecule is easily transported to the bloodstream (as distinct from just glutamine in the water). Maybe alcohol affects the cell membranes and allows glutamine to be taken before it reaches the stomach. I do not know. Anyway, thanks guys.

Ah whatever,ahhaa…someone just wants an excuse to be drinking for “health”.lol

Alcohol is only useful for supplements which aren’t soluble in water. Glutamine is soluble in water and alcohol won’t disolve it any further. Alcohol isn’t a “delivery” system per say but a solvent for materials which won’t go into solution in water.

e-roc you got the right idea mhp put out a effervesent glutamine that should be the best way to get the glutamine there.