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Glutamine in Protein Powder


My protein powder has approximately 4 grams of glutamine in it already, and I drink several of these shakes a day. I just wanted to know if I would benefit more from supplementing with additional glutamine, or if I get enough of it from the protein powder? Thanks.


I wouldn't bother. Consider Leucine instead.


Thanks, Ive done some research on Leucine now and it looks much better than Glutamine.


The theory of glutamine supplementation increasing athletic performance has pretty much been discredited. Glutamine, however, does seem to be beneficial in helping immune system function, GI disorders, and decreasing the acidity of a diet. I would agree with redgladiator that leucine would be a much better option for what I presume to be your goals (size, strength, body composition?).


you would be correct with that assumption.

Would it be best to take leucine just post workout? or with every meal? is there like a point of diminishing returns on the stuff?


A lot of people will take 5 g or so 10 min before a meal. You can also supplement it around the time you workout as well.


where's dave barr to comment on this?!


I read not to exceed 20 grams a day... but I guess that would get pretty expensive anyway. So besides Biotest... what other brand would you guys suggest?