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Glutamine for Contest?

Hey T-Nation. Im getting ready for my first natural show in a couple months. I consult with an Amatuer bodybuilder to help me with poses, he has been a few shows and isnt all that experienced, so i only go to him for posing help. What threw me off when i first met him was his recommendation for taking glutamine to preserve muscle for my upcoming contest. I never used glutamine on account of not wanting to waste my money, and I know how anti-glutamine t-mag is. But is there any actual benefits in this case?

Hey budI think glutamine is an excellent product, especially for preservig muscle during a dieting phase, a good prduct I used during a hard dieting and training phase was called cytodyne, and it is made by cytodyne technologies. I think that however being you are kind of “anti” supplements glutamine would be a good choice, I pound the stuff, and feel it really helps to combat the “overtraining” I sometimes put my body through.

I still use glutamine after my night time grappling sessions. While dieting i don’t want to be spiking insulin at that time(at night).

In the article here at t-mag, I think it said while dieting was the only beneficial time to take glutamine. I’ve seen other studies elsewhere showing glutamines effectiveness. ALthough i only use it 2x’s a week.