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Glutamine etc

Disco, one more thing. You mentioned that it appears that glutamine is good only for the older guy. I would agree that as we get older that our own growth hormone production goes down. I would estimate between 30-40 in starts getting noticable. At 50, its almost non-existant. I never told the 23 year old to take it for growth hormone release, of course the top bodybuilders take growth hormone, I said it helps as an anti-catabolic. Of course there is always Cy Wilson who at 19 and 6’2", 230 pounds at 8% body fat, takes 15 grams of glutamine with a diet soda for its purported growth hormone release.

Well, I’ve said enough, anything you rebut now will be a waste of my time. Unless you want to pay my going fee of $75 an hour.

Bodz, I completely agree that glutamine is beneficial as an anti-catabolic. I personally have had great results with 30-45 grams per day. I’ve experimented with 15g before lifting/15-30g after and have noticed a increase in endurance/recovery. I believe Poliquin advises using it for this reason (It’s too bad he never has seminars in GA). I am fairly young so I don’t think it’s that great to use for growth hormone release. I don’t know anyone who does. Maybe I could get my father to try it. Anyway, I personally eat a full container of Breakstone’s 2% milkfat cottage cheese. It’s loaded with caseinate and glutamine. Seems to work better that using glutamine powder, plus it knocks me out. Bodz, have you tried this? I know some people can’t take that much dairy but people I’ve recommended this to have done well.

Chris, scroll down to my original posts. I have the research to back up “all” my statements. I gave my opinions of what I thought you should take. I am a personal trainer who is booked solid. I turn down people every day, since I don’t have any more time to train one more client. I usually set aside a saturday for teaching programs to those who I can’t train on a regular basis. As you can tell by my posts, I have the knowledge, background and am open minded. I am willing to give you free advice, just as Brock and Bill do. I have 24 years of experience and I charge $75 per hour. Feel free to continue to post your questions and I will try to answer them the best I can. Keep an open mind when you do get responses. It is those who choose to hear no evil, speak no evil or see no evil, who will always get left behind. Good Luck in your quest to better yourself.

I’ve tried this with my protein after a workout and got sick as all hell! Maybe I’m just alone, but taking 50grams of glutamine made feel like I was going to vomit. I seriously would have hurled if I didn’t try to take deep breaths and hold myself back. Eventually, it subsided, but man, what a bad experience.

One more thing that I thought about. I don’t really care if glutamine makes someone leaner or bigger, but I do care if it helps speed recovery. I have heard of people who find it hard to overtrain if they get their 50 plus grams in a day. If you only want to lift harder longer, then glutamine could be worth it.

Chris, the question you asked sure generated a lot of responses, so I started reading them. I saw quite a few responses from Disco stu and Bodz. I have read some responses by Bodz and he seems to have the knowledge. As well as Brock Strasser, Bill Roberts and some of the other experts. I decided to do a search on authors for Disco stu and then do a search on authors for Bodz. I think the replys they give will be interesting for you to read to say the least. Here are a few quotes from Disco:

“There have been reports”, “I don’t really have a scientific way to determine”, “I think”, “I was wondering if taking laxatives would be a good idea”, “I don’t know to much about the diet but I have read a little about it”, “Again, I don’t know too much about the program so excuse me if I sound stupid”

I don’t want to get into a war with these two, but Bodz has a lot more intelligent things to say and really helps those of us who ask questions. Too bad there are a few guys out there who don’t know shit, but are hogging the forum to be heard. It is apparent by the two authors responses to questions, who really knows what they are talking about.

I have personally used Charles Poilquin’s recommendation of taking large amounts of glutamine before a workout, during even, and after also. That was one of my best strength gaining peroids that I can remember. Funds allowing, I would repeat the proceedure. However, over here in the UK, I attended a seminar held by one of Charles’ colleagues and when asked about glutamine, he responded that he thought it made no noticable difference and that it would pan out to be of no use ultimately. A tweny-odd stone bodybuilder that I know, used to use 40g before and after training, but now uses none at all as he said to me there has been no difference at all! My personal opinion though; if I had the money I would definitely use as much as I could afford. Meantime, I stick to my protein powders, vitamins/minerals (esp. ZMA), fatty acids, Power Drive and cycle Tribex when I can afford it.

Gmm, I know what you mean about wanting to vomit. I too have tried a very large dose of glutamine, by itself and with whey, and felt those effects. I find that 20g is the magic number. If I take 20g with water before bed, I am ok. If I stay up or can’t sleep, after this dosage, I get an upset stomach. In the morning, I usually have my 20g and then drink my coffee, you know the morning bowel movement ritual, anyway, It doesn’t affect me this way. After a workout, I take 20G with 40-50g whey and 50g maltodextrin. It goes down easy this way. I take another 40-50g of whey and 50g malto-dextrin an hour later. I wait for 2-3 hours and eat dinner. I also found that some glutamines cause more stomach disturbances. I now use Labrada, its $50 for 1000g.

John U, No I haven’t tried the cottage cheese route. I am lactose intolerant. I do use Lactaid pills as needed. I take my glutamine on an empty stomach for growth hormone releasing properties. I appreciate that response and question though, because I have trouble falling asleep sometimes when I am overtraining, working too much or am off of my glutamine cycle. I will give that cottage cheese route a try. Thanks.

Wow I leave for a week and look what happens. Thanks for all of those who have responded and maybe T-mag will do an in depth article in regards to glutamine although we may have to wait until they have a product of their own. Quick question where is the cheapest place you can find high quality glutamine. I do not get the stuff for free Strength coaches. Thanks again and keep posting because I’ll keep reading and let you know what I decide to do