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Glutamine During a Creatine Washout?


Is this good practice? Or is it better to stop all supplements during a Creatine Washout?

Also, is it actually better to Creatine Cycle or not? I've read articles from both sides of the argument and i'm a little undecided atm.


First off why are you taking Glutamine are you on a low-carbs diet? I wouldn't take glutamine unless I need more alkalnity to my diet really, other than that I don't use it never really felt a huge difference with it. If your not on a low-carbs diet I would drop it. And buy some BCAA.

I don't cycle creatine I think its pointless personally but everyone is different.


ive had good results with regular creatine monohydrate, and yes i cycle it every 2 months or so. 2 months on, 2 WEEKS off then back on.

as for the glutamine, i take it in the PM during my workout and toward bed,

some people argue that taking bcaa's and glutamine at the same time doesnt have as much as a recovery affect because they compete with one another, but to each his own.

Hope i helped


thanks for your comments.

MUthrows94, i will be bulking when i start lifting again later this month, so would you still dis-advise using glutamine?

also, can anyone recommend a program, i'm looking at doing rippetoe's but does anyone know of anything better for bulking?


Well to be honest I have never felt a differnce when taking Glutamine, I found BCAA much more effective with recovery. If you can afford it keep it I would opt for something better like BCAA or keep both if you can (I would take Glutamine at night in this case). I would not dis-advise taking it but, if your looking to save money and buy a more effective product I would pursue BCAA. IMO....


I never take creatine for more than three days in a row. The studies suggest after loading for three days your creatine stores are full. So i take it monday, tuesday, wednesday then the rest of the week off then repeat. It works for me.


If you really want to bulk up, what worked for me is working out 1 body part/muscle group per day. Here was my week:

Mon: Chest/Triceps
Tues: Back/ Biceps
Wed: Hams/ quads / calves
Thurs: Rest
Fri: Shoulders
Sat: Chest/Triceps
Sun: Rest

This is just an example though man. You could do it in whatever order fits your needs. Also, remember to pyramid up your weight and pyramid down nown then to keep your muscle guessing.

Oh and with calves, do alot of reps with seated calves
and no more than 12 reps with standing calves.

For nutrition, eat like 250 ish grams of protein and and over 200 carbs per day and good fats like flax and fish oil.

Hope you find this helpful