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Glutamine Brands

Which brand of glutamine do you guys use? I am about to buy some over the web but not sure which one to choose. Is there any difference between micronized and regular L-Glutamine? What about Glutamine peptides – which brand is the best? Chris, Cy, anybody? Thanks!

I personally like AST’s brand. It’s a finer powder of very high-quality stuff, and the prices are good.

There is no doubt that “Scavanger” as porduced by Biohazard in UK is the top brand. Made to Dan Duchaine’s formulea but improved. Try it!! Dan.

AST or Twinlab

What does everyone think about the glutamine peptides from Proteinfactory?

I didn’t even know Protein Factory had them. The only ones I have ever seen came from Pro Performance when I worked at GNC. They were a joke-they claim 1,000 mg on the front but you look at the back and the serving size is 5 caps, making it 200 mg. Are the peptides from Pro Factory in powder form and what’s the cost? I am from NE where Drs. Stout and Antonio reside and they are very high on glutamine in peptide form. Dr. Antonio was talking about a liposome delivery system but haven’t heard anything since.

I ended up ordering AST 1200g of micronized L-Glutamine and glutamine peptides from Sports One/Klein. Now, I do not have too much trust in the latter because they are the same people who brought us CycloRoid and Medroid. We’ll see how it works out.

Champion Nutrition. Poliquin has recommended it before.

I just bought some low-budget Dymatize Glutamine from Wholesale nutrition in Florida. Seems to be ok. Compared to GNC, it is much better

I used to use AST GL3, but over the last year or so I’ve switched to Labrada (1kg tub)because I’ve found it more cost-effective. Both brands are good.

I use Eclispse and Prolab, each comes in 1,000 gram containers and has cost me $40-$50 in the past. I don’t buy creatine or glutamine from any suspect brand. It’s just not worth the extra savings - I think that AST in general is good quality though

teddykgb: Did you check on the glutamine peptides at Proteinfactory? I have been using them for only a week now so it is too early to tell anything. The profile the give seems legit and it does appear to be glutamine, as evidenced by the unmistakable little particles left in the bottom of my shake!

I forgot all about it racer. I’m gonna check it out as soon as I’m off the forum though. Thanx for the reminder.

I’ll only use what Poliquin says, Champion Nutrition all the way!!!

Teddykgb, it’s funny you mentioned liposomal glutamine because i’m holding some in my hand right now! I’m going to try it during my next cuting phase in about a month. It’s called Liquid Nitrogen by VPX Sports and it’s spendy shit! The retail price is well over $100(not that I paid retail) for 24 servings. Right now I’m using Sci-Fit Glutamine. Everybody should realize that most companies get their powdered glutamine fron the same manufacturer and just slap their own label on it. Stick with a reputable company and you can’t go wrong.

Wow, I didn’t know it was out. Never heard of that company, I’ll have to be on the lookout. I wonder if Antonio/Stout had anything to do with the formulation of that one. Thanks for the info Sig!

I like Natures Best - it has the LPC (lyso-phosphadyl-choline) in it, which supposedly helps absorbtion. They’re an LI based company, although I have no problem getting it here in SD.

About a year ago Poliquin began recomending GlutaCene at his seminars. I tried it and got hooked. I use GlutaCene by PRD. It’s the improved version of the Advanced Genetics original formula. It’s loaded with BCAA and has 0 Sugar. Dr. Serrano reformulated and apparently calibrated the Glutamine to BCAA. I’m now starting to use a product called NitroMine. Has anybody used it and can comment.

I haven’t tried the Protein Factory glutamine or glutamine peptides, but I have read the info about them…They are powders…well priced…and the Protein factory proteins are very good in terms of quality…I think it is definitely worth a shot…their service is great, too…

Hey Guys.For gods sake save your money and dont buy glutamine peptides. Peptides contains wheatproteinhydrolysate which is LESS pure L-glutamine. Stick to L-form and powder…