glutamine and water retention

Has anyone ever noticed a problem w/ glutamine and water retention while dieting. I know it’s very important while dieting because of its muscle sparing effects, but since it’s a cell volumizer as well I thought it might make my body hold more water than usual so I was thinking about quitting it about five days before my show. Any suggestions. Thanks

Obviously supplements effect everyone differently. For me personally, i put on 4-5 pounds everytime i use glutamine (15 grams a day). So, when i am dieting, i will NOT use glutamine. if i were you, i would def. quit using it 5 days before your show. its not going to hurt you to stop taking it for a week or two!!

I noticed this also, and stopped taking glutamine.

So whats the point of glutamine if it spares muscle while dieting? So what if you gain water. Its just that! WATER. Once you get to your goal weight, then quit using it. You need it to spare muscle. The water will go when the diet is over and you’ll be even more shredded. You dont need glutamine while you’re eating shit loads of food so use it for dieting only.

This is a tough question. I know me and my training partner used glutamine and creatine all the way up until show date and we were ripped to shreed… My training parnter even had shreeded glutes!!! I had a little not enough to notice but his was like that guy Andnreas Muntzer… I think if you dieted as hard as we did it didn’t matter on how much Glutamine you did or Creatine… I loaded up on creatine to create a greater pump on stage I also did sodium loading and depleting… I don’t think glutamine holds as much water as you think…

And I hate when people complain on stage saying oh I just holding water… Sorry bud… Thats not water its FAT!!!

If anything cut creatine 1 week after the show and load up on it the day of the show… What is your current diet like… By the way me and my training partner are Drug Free… We are never the biggest guy on stage but we are the most ripped… He usually takes 1st and I take 2nd sometimes its the other way around… But its fun competing against your friend…