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Glutamine and Recovery

First off, I love the site, and as you can see this is my first post.

I have always been into MMA, and the other day I was reading some article on bodybuilding.com where they interviewed this guy who trained MMA fighters. He trained a few names I recognized, but unfortunately I can’t remember the trainer’s name nor have I been able to find the article again.

(Sidenote: A unique identifier of the article is that the interviewee talks about a fighter who had surgery because a fungus was growing in his lungs. If any of you have read the article and recognize this, maybe you can remind me of the guy’s name)

In the Article, the trainer said that he had his guys ingest up to 10 grams of glutamine with each meal, or something like that. His reasoning was that it helps them recover from the strenuous training, especially before a fight. I have read the articles on this site that talk about the uselessness of glutamine supplementation, but those articles didn’t seem to address what, if anything, glutamine could do for recovery. So I was wondering if there was any merit to what this trainer was saying. Anybody have any ideas?


There are 2 articles on glutamine on the site by Dave Barr that are worth looking at:

“Glutamine: Destroying the Dogma, Part 1”


Part 2

Here’s another article where glutamine is mentioned briefly at the beginning, and then the lack of it’s mention kind of says itself that it doesn’t work.


Dude anything in excess is either excreted or converted into fat and stored in your adipose tissue. The more the better is not accurate.

Your body can only handle a certain amount of protein(or in this case the nonessential amino acid; glutamine) and the rest is either excreted or stored in adipose like I said before. It all depends on your body weight and also your metabolism and body type.

I’ve used glutamine myself and liked it regardless of naysayers.I used it during wrestling and track seasons when I was definately over exerting myself and feel like it was great for recovery. It didn’t seem to help much with the day to day lifting/running I do now though. If you are still an active athlete my opinion is to go for it.

[quote]J.Rocker wrote:
glutamine) and the rest is either excreted or stored in adipose like I said before. [/quote]

Glutamine stored in adipose? I don’t buy that.

To the OP, there are definitely some benefits you can reap from supplementing with Glutamine. My favorite is that it helps you fight diseases and cravings. I don’t know the exact process, but it definitely boosts the immune system and does act on some “craving” sites (whatever that means).

Of course, what works for others doesn’t necessarily work for you.

under the must-read articles the most recent with an interview of Jamie Eason, she mentions liking and taking glutamine for recovery. thought I’d throw it out there