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Glutamine and Fasting?

just a question regarding glutamine. would taking glutamine while doing if interfere with the fast and break it?


thanks man but if u have back up info would be great

you aren’t going to be using enough of it to make a difference.

you’ll be fine bro, don’t sweat the small stuff

sweet thanks man cause i wanted to take omse bfore bed with my zmas to try it out

it’s fine mate, don’t worry. I start every day with 20g of glutamine and a couple of probiotics and it doesn’t affect the fast at all.

sweet as bro thanks for that.btw im going good on this looking my leanest and bigest iv been

good lad, yeah fasting isn’t for everyone but some people do really well on it.

how u finding it ? yeah true that

I like it, although I don’t really do the leangains 16/8 thing anymore. Now it’s more of a warrior diet/carb backloading type thing. I still skip breakfast but rarely train fasted (I train in the evenings so it’s not really feasible). You should look into Carb Backloading by John Kiefer. It’s pretty interesting.

yeah iv stopped fasting bro how would you go by doing that because im stating uni and nee to remain my leanes and wieght for competetion and was wandering wast would be a good way to do this? i was gna skip breakfats and not have carbs til later on in the day and carb cycel ur thoughts?

that’d be fine. I skip breakfast and keep my carbs til later in the day and it works just fine

sweet as would u recomned no cabrs til post postwork out ? that would mean waiting til around 7-8 to have carbs

that’s what I do (most of the time) and I feel fine. My workout intensity doesn’t suffer from having no pre-workout carbs, plus it means I can eat a lot of carbs later in the day which I prefer.

Lots of people prefer to have carbs pre-workout but it doesn’t really do anything for me. As long as I load up at night the energy, pump etc are all there.

I like to think it keeps me leaner too, although I maybe just imagine that.

you should definitely check out Carb Backloading by John Kiefer, it gives you more detail on the subject than you would ever need. (although the gist is basically just low carbs during the day, loads of carbs after)

yeah thats prety much what iv been doing and wil continue to do. the thing is isnt the info costly like to see the book u need to buy it

yeah the book is pretty pricey, I think if you go to Kiefer’s site most of the info is there. There’s articles on it over at elitefts too

sweet thanks man wil take a look btw thanks for the advice and stuf get to get some reassurance

no worries mate, my pleasure