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Glutamine and Diabetes?


The internet seems to have two opinions here if I Google --

People with diabetes should AVOID glutamine


People with diabetes should EMBRACE glutamine

representative links:




Anybody around here with diabetes supplement with glutamine? Safe for you?



The impression I always got was that glutamine will only be converted to glucose when the body needed it, so that's the POV of the second article. Also, I think average doses are 10-15 grams throughout the day, and a 5 gram dose after workout. If taken with a meal, even if all of that was converted to glucose is it enough to be a problem?

I'm not actually that familiar with diabetes, and I'm not an expert on gluconeogenesis. I'm just trying to dialogue and reason through it if that helps.


I'm glad you posted -- what you say makes sense. I suppose the best strategy for me is to just try it and see how my body responds.