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Glutamine and Creatine

My Dad is very ill and has been for several months. He’s now having a pretty bad muscle wasting problem and I’m trying to get him set up with Glutamine and Creatine along with some light exercise to bring back some muscle and connective tissue. What I’m wondering is if anyone has suggestions on how best to use these two supplements, can they be taken effectively at the same time, or should he take each alone ??
I know that you’re supposed to use creatine on an empty stomach, but I’m not sure about the glutamine use at the same time…
Any help would be greatly appreciated, time is really short for him, we have to address this very quickly.
Thanks everybody !!

Dan Clizer

I know you love your dad and want to help him, but this type of self medication isn’t always the best way to go. If you’re going to do it anyway, a peptide banded glutamine is best in my experience at about 10-15 grams a day. Creatine should be fine at 3-5 grams a day. I’m not sure that it’s all that important to use creatine on an empty stomach, but glutamine seemed to work best for me on an empty stomach. Fish Oils would be a good cure-all addition as well.

Thanks BigRob for the advice !!
It’s my Dad’s decision to go this route, so I have to respect what he wants.
How about mixing the glutamine and creatine and taking both with a glass of grape juice on an empty stomach ?? Seeems like that might work IF they didn’t compete for absorption…

I’ve never heard that you want to take creatine on an empty stomach. You want to take creatine with a carb/protein meal. You don’t need to use grape juice or use the kind of creatine that has sugar in it… just take it with food.

Thanks you guys, I appreciate the help with this !

your dad can not get prescription anabolics, or he does not want to? I feel bad for his condition. You need to keep protein synthesis up so anabolics are the way to go. If not now then when? If you want natural go for tribex 500 and methoxy, as well as a lot of protein throughout the day. people don’t realize how bad their diets are. laters pk