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Glutamine and Creatine ?s

Ok, fellow t-men (and t-vixens), I need some help on L-Glutamine and Creatine supplementation. A little background info…270 pound powerlifter following Westside routine. I am currently using fish oil capsules, MRPs, Tribex, ZMA, and Octacosanol. My primary focus is getting stronger…primarily a 500+ bench and low 600 deadlift. Current diet is high protein (200+ grams a day), low carb except for post workout nutrition which I eat anything and everything. My favorite post workout shake is a MRP with an extra 20 grams of whey protein, one fiber wafer and a Hostess Cherry Pie or two McDonald apple pies throw in the blender also. Hey, I know it ain’t Jenny Craig but I am usually still hungry after swinging two of these down.
Ok, my questions…

  1. What is the current opinion of loading L-Glutamine? If one was to load what would be the right loading dosage (0.4g/lb ?)?
  2. If one was not to load L-Glutamine, what is the dosage per pound of bodyweight for workout days and nonworkout days? On the workout days should you take a higher dosage after working out, say 50% of that days’ dosage?
  3. Is L-Glutamine ok to mix with creatine? I mean literally mixing the two in the same glass with water. I would like to prearrange my next days dosages my putting creatine and L-Glutamine in the same container.
  4. What is the latest on putting creatine and L-glutamine in liquids with citric acid? I remember reading somewhere that putting creating in citric acid is unfavorable but when you look at the contents of any of these “Creatine Transport” products they almost always have citric acid.

Thanks for any help you can provide!!!