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Glutamine and Cancer

Watching The Truth About Cancer, the supplement glutamine came up as an important nutrient for cancer cells, along with glucose and should best be avoided when you have cancer. Should we avoid whey proteins with glutamine generally or am I interpreting this info the wrong way?

did it say that glutamine was in some way linked to having cancer, or just that cancer cells use glutamine?

If it doesn’t raise your risk then I don’t see a reason to avoid it.

Personally, glutamine is an absolute godsend for me in terms of intestinal inflammation. Nothing else even comes close. I’m pretty sure that having constant inflammation issues in my GI tract is more likely to give me cancer than 20g of glutamine every morning.

The talk was about glutamate as in msg. It did say that cancer cells are excited by glutamine and that risk is enhanced. The way and reason why you use glutamine was also mentioned.

You got me curious, here are several article I found…

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I found a good explanation here

I also see that most of the glutamine we consume is used up by gut bacteria and since glutamine is not an essential amino acid it can be made in the body anyway. Probably a good idea to stick to a healthy diet free from excess sugar and maintain a healthy immune system generally to avoid cancer in the first place. Although glutamine is essential for cancer cells to survive, I can not find any literature that supplementing glutamine can be considered a risk.

I’ve been using about 15 to 20 grams of glutamine along with Superfood and I can’t remember when I’ve been sick.