Glutamine After Back Surgery?

My girlfriend was in a car accident and she fractured one of her discs. She had surgery for it, her tendons had snapped too. She was laying on bed for 3 and a half weeks since her liver was pretty damaged too and they couldn’t work on her back because of it. She lost some muscle strength and size in her legs and arms. Shes using a walker at the moment. Shes taking her protein supplements again and I was wondering if glutamine would help her soreness from walking and all that.

I asked her nurse but she gave me a lost look so I don’t think she even knows what glutamine is.

Any suggestions?

If she has extensive tissue damage etc that is being repaired etc sure couldnt hurt


This sounds closer to the sort of situations in which glutamine was found by studies to be effective. It may also give the immune system a minor boost in this situation as well. I would say go for it- as long as the doctor doesn’t have anything bad to say about it- but make sure to keep the doses low/spread out enough that she doesn’t get stomach upset.

I’ll say go for it. It’s not prohibitively expensive and there is data that suggest it would help her. Personally, I’m hooked to the stuff (in a good way). It keeps bad mood at bay and supposedly helps th brain.

Prompt recovery to the lady.

LOL the nurse gave you a lost look, Yeah I know what you mean by that I have asked them and doctor’s before about things like that and creatine and they are like ‘huh’?

Anyway champ it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go I would use it if that was me, also maybe something’s to help her tendons to since you said they snapped, I know Glucosamine helped me out when I tore my tendon in my knee.

Good luck champ.