Glutamine absorption

I saw Dr . Connelly of met-rx say that anyone who markets their product as having glutamine in it is scamming you because glutamine is destroyed by the stomach and only met-rx has the proper delivery system . So , am I wasting my money by buying straigt glutamine ? Is it absorbed and utilized or does it not even make it through the stomach ?

What delivery system does met-rx use. I think the gut does use alot of the glutamine for it self.

from what i understand, the intestines require a huge about of glutamine each day to rebuild themselves (something along the lines of the intestinal cells only last 2-3 days.) So a good percentage of ingested glutamine is absorbed by the intestines.

There is “some” truth to that - MetRX uses some Peptides to deliver Glutamine along with Milk Protein Isolates (very rich in glutamine). Alot of people avoid Glutamine Peptide supplements because of the cost - big mistake as straight glutamine powders/tabs/whatever are a waste of money and time. Glutamine Peptide is way more effective and about 10 times better utilized by your body. Most “straight” glutamine supplements are nothing more than a placebo - get peptides, there’s absolutely no substitute!