Glutacene During Workouts

There seems to be a growing concensus that sipping on a drink containing carbs, BCAA’s and Glutamine during a workout will enevitably aide in a)DIRECTLY increasing anabolism, and, b)via Glutamine replacement, increase protein synthesis, especially post workout. (JB recently commented briefly on the aformentioned “workout cocktail”).

Anyone with experience with GLUTACENE (a combination of BCAA’s and Glutamine) OR other products? (I realize that many of you sip plain water during your workout, but remember; the “Cocktail” that JB recommended was mixed in a LITER of water).

Read Muscle Media’s July/Augest issue and check out the “Recovery Power Cocktail Hour” by Vincent Andrich and all your questions will be answered. One thing to keep in mind however, is that if you’re trying to burn fat and build muscle,you should be working out first thing in the AM on an empty stomach and if you’re sipping carbs and aminos DURING your workout, that may put your fat burning on the back burner because your body will use the nutrients you’re supplying as fuel instead of the your own energy source… fat. If you’re bulking, no worries, sip away. But read the article, it’s very good!

I read a book, “Natural Hormaonal Enhancement” by Rob Faigin where he states, and I’ve been doing for almost 10 weeks now~~DO NOT eat or drink carbs (or just a few) before and during workouts, it restrains growth hormone secretons. Also he advocates a low carb diet, and I’ve lost 15 1/2 lbs while still bodybuilding, and except for the workouts I missed due to o.t., I set records in most of my lifts 6 straight workouts! I hadn’t planned on setting records per say, I just felt energized, went 10 or so lbs heavier than my last workout, and man does this low carb diet, and not using carbs before and during workouts really work at least for me! I don’t use creatine either.

Wouldn’t Glutacene be better as a post work out drink with whey protein + carbs?

I’ve used Glutacene off and on for about a year now. I usually try to get 40g of BCAA out of it (about 8 servings).
I’ve mixed it all up and taken it during my workout and found that it dramatically decreased muscle soreness.
I’ve also taken half the dose one-half-hour before lifting and the other half during the workout. I’ve found this to be the best method.
Also, it seems to lose its effect over time. If I take a break for a couple months or so it seems to regain its effectiveness.
I can’t figure out why that would happen though. Maybe JB or someone else could shed some light on that.

The jury is still out with me, but both times after i used my glutacene nockoff, before and during my workout, then protein shake 30-40 min after Work out, i didnt get sore the next day. That’s all i can really say. What does this lack of soreness mean? i don’t really know.

I have been using Glutacene for several months and think it is the best supplement on the market. Recovery is amazing, I am able to train harder and recover at a faster rate. The added bonus is the size I have gained from using the Glutacene. Poliquin talked about the product at a seminar and said it is the best product for size.

I take half the dose 45 mintues before training and it really helps my workout performance. Dr. Serrano said to take half the dose before and the other half right after in an email I exchanged with him.

Give this stuff a try, do an online search, but buy the PRD glutacene which has NO Sugar. The old version had some sugar in it from Advanced Genetics

Where can i find this stuff? Is it a powder?

I hate when I post and have to post again because I forgot a point…anyway. I use Surge, if I start using this Glutacene should I still us Surge or will the insulin spike not occur since I’ve been sipping this stuff?

I read Faigan’s book, and loved it as well. However, I am primarily a powerlifter, and I found that I need a moderate amount of carbs pre and post wkt. or else I bonk. (around 25gms). I am soon going to try to add the glutacene or similar BCAA/glut combo to my prewkt. carbs to see if I can decrease the necessary amount of carbs. Anyway, do you do anything to prevent fatigue in the gym while on NHE??? Just as a side note, while on this diet, I have lost 20lbs. and dropped an entire weight class without losing a pound on my total. I think it is a must read for everyone.

allow me to say I am a chemist within The Davies Group. Due to his schedule he has asked me to mention that very recently we were shipped a group of Biotest products and Dr. Serrano’s Glutacene. At this time, we have had an early opportunity to sample “Surge” and “Glutacene” - of which products we have been dutifully impressed.

What tastes better, the grape or cherry. I found it priced for about 24 bucks for 15 servings. Where do you people buy this?

It seems like 1) Glutacene as part of a “during” workout drink and 2)“Surge” right after MAY be a strong combination for replinishment, recovery and growth. Any thoughts?

Krak: Same problem here. It seems like you can't get it through my regular on-line retailers. Anybody know of an on-line and regular retail source for Glutacene?

Glutacene is available at Infinity Fitness, Dave Tate has a link at…has anyone ordered BCAA in bulk and found a way to make them palatable? 1 kilo can be had for $100 but this stuff tastes awful.

MK, how about $72 per kilo at Beyond-A-Century. Add in some L-Glutamine at about $40 per kilo and you could make your own Glutacene (5gr BCAA & 3gr glutamine per serving) for about 60% of the $100 it costs to buy the Glutacene in bulk (one kilo).

I use the protein factory’s BCAA during training. I add 5g of bulk BCAA powder and 1 serving of power drive to a premade 45% malto, 45% dextrose, 10% glutamine premade solution from Alex. The carb and gln solution is sweetened with orange flavoring and sucralose and when diluted in 1L water, tastes very mild with no bitterness at all. However, when I was dieting, I would use only the power drive, BCAA, and the glutamine in 1 L of water (no carbs) and that too was very palatable.

The Glutacene/Nitromine Combo kicks ass. Been using it for a couple weeks and my strength has gotten much better, and muscles are noticebly bigger already. Just a note, Dr. Serrano doesn’t recommend carbs immediately post-workout as he says blood is in the muscles and belongs their, high carbs will pull the blood back into the stomach and will cause digestive problems. So he made Nitromine which is Aminos that are absorbed fast right after a workout since the ratios spike insulin, without the added carbs. He says a post-workout shake would be good 1 hour after the immediate use of Nitromine after a workout. So maybe Glutacene before and after a workout (or during), Nitromine immediately after a workout and Surge 1 hour later would provide the best possible combination. I’ll try to address this to Dr. Serrano and see what he thinks.

can you give us the lowdown on this program?

oh only 5 grms of BCAA in your mixes, I had used 40grams according to Poliquins equation…and almost puked all over the place

I sip a whey protein isolate drink during my workouts and save the carbs, glutamine, protein drink for post-workouts. I want to keep my insulin levels low while i workout. My soreness levels have decreased a lot using the protein during my workouts. The key is to have constant protein in your blood.