GlutaCene (Controversy No More)

This is Dr. Serrano addressing concerns about GlutaCene.

You should know that I have worked closely with the company in the development and refinement of GlutaCene. The manufacture did put licorice in the formula without my knowledge and this can elevate your cortisol levels. You need about 300 mg a day of licorice root to possibly make a difference. However, there are a few people that can experience adverse effects with lower doses but very rare.

Licorice Root was never intended to be part of the formula and was included in only a few batches. When manufactures make something they use what is called a recipe. This recipe tells the people what to put in and how much of it and then two different people sign off on it making sure that what needs to go in actually goes in… During this process licorice root was added to the formula and nobody knows why. When the company became aware that licorice root was an ingredient it made immediate arrangements to correct labels.

Because of my involvement with GlutaCene I’ve consistently had it tested. GlutaCene consistently meets label claim with 1 exception about 5 months ago in which the results showed 3.72 grams of sugar which was much higher then what expected. This had occurred only once and has been remedied. It should be noted that components like natural flavor and natural coloring register as sugar when tested.

I hope this clarifies everything.

Dr Serrano, I’m a huge fan of yours after working with beverly. with that out of the way, how much lr is in the old formula. if i use it by bottle specs, i use half the bottle per workout at 4 workouts per week. am i using too much?

About a week ago when I spoke with Dr. Serrano he said that it’s imposible to get fat using GlutaCene. Since there’s less then 10 mg of licorice root per serving you couldn’t get an adverse effect even by taking the whole bottle at once.

He did mention that the other guy that posted the concern was right on as far as the potential effects of LR.

I’m using 45 g per day of it and he said no problem at all, not even close.

How many grams are you using?

Dr. Serrano, I’ve got a question for you about BCAA’s in general. i read that amino acid/BCAA supplements need to undergo a hydrolization process so that 70-80% of the amino acid/BCAA is hydrolized. supposedly without this percentage, the body cannot fully absorb the aminos. is this true? does “Glutacene” undergo some sort of hydrolization process? and would 70-80% hydrolization decrease the need for ingesting the massive amounts of BCAA’s needed for muscle growth? any answer you can give would be much appreciated.