I agree with you John and that was exactly my point which got lost in the whole thing. I know Dr. Serrano personally but I don’t know the other gentleman. I did speak with Dr. Serrano today and he educated me on a few things:

  1. It wasn’t 6 grams but 3.5

  2. Apparently the natural flavor, natural color, citric acid and other things register as sugar

  3. It’s possible for Licorice Root to do what Paul said however, he/we would have to take a heck of a lot more then what is in GlutaCene (which after I called the company found out it was only 10 mg) Dr. Serrano said he/we would have to take the whole 1000 g bottle in one day to even flirt with the possibility of something like that happening. But Paul is right it can happen in large doses.

Paul’s point was overshadowed by all of the other references which as he said was intended to keep it light.

John, do you use GlutaCene on the days you train before and after training or every day and what dosage do you use? I follow the bottle the .20 per pound of lean body weight.