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First, I’m not going to get involved in a pissing contest with you. I know that if we were face to face this conversation would take on a more civil tone. I’m also certain that you will agree that one of the biggest problems we have today is that a lot of the information communicated to consumers via articles or ads tend to prey on the ignorance of the audience. I’m not going to mention names but you may recall a certain company advertising in Mucle Mag that their product was more effective then clenbuterol and deca. Give me a break! Unfortunately, to many consumers read that and actually beleive it - they go out and spend their money buying products that can’t do what they were led to beleive it can…

You’ll also agree that Forums like this are great because we can all learn from each other, exchange ideas, disagree, and so on. The end result is that we know more and make better decisions about our training, dieting, and supplementation. I also feel that not all of the readers are as educated as you appear to be and may be susseptible to believing everything that’s written here without doing their own research.

All of that to say this “I think when someone posts something they have a responsibility to not mislead people.”
As a result of your post, there will be people out there that will actualy believe you can get fat, lose your sex drive and aggressiveness, get bitch tits, and start turning into a woman because they used GlutaCene. Now, you know that’s not true and I doubt it was your intent.

From your comments the thing I appreciated was becoming aware of the whole licorice root issue. I don’t know. I didn’t read the article but I will and I will do my own research so that I learn. I think the real value of your post was making people aware of the licorice root thing and not trying to discredit a company. There are thousands of products out there that have “LR” in them. I also doubt that the trace amount that is in GlutaCene is enough to make any difference but again, I will check it out.

No I don’t work for the company. I just don’t want to see one of the few products I use and has worked for me to get a bad rap. That’s all!

Oh! How much LR can reduce testosterone levels by over 30% and estrogen increases by how much?