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I wonder! Is it possible that your lack of agression is the result of using to many steroids? Isn’t it true that steroid use can result in elevated estrogen levels because of Androgens converting over? I seriously doubt that your need for a bra is cause by licorice root but probably from a condition knowns as “bitch tits” which is caused again, as the result of androgens converting over to estrogen. As far as your lack of sex drive that also sounds like the end result of steroid use or abuse. Go on a 2 week cycle of either HCG or Clomid and then give the roids a break and you should be out of that bra in no time.

As far as not being able to lose fat - well, how’s your diet?

I’m being a little silly here but so are you. I happen to use GlutaCene religiously (on the days I train before and after) and have consistently gotten stronger and leaner. I’ve used GlutaCene for more then a year ever since Charles mentioned it in his seminar.

I’m probably as critical of supplement companies as any of you are and hate the scaming that goes on. It also pisses me off when their are legitimate products out there that get bashed because someone wants to write something clever.

Licorice Root didn’t give you bitch tits, make you cry watching commercials, take away your sex drive, make you less aggressive, fat, or act like a woman. Something else did that.

I’d like for John Doyle to post these lab assays. I once HEARD that John Doe was caught with Joe Blow doing something behind the gym. Come on guys, don’t act like women. Post information that is verified and confirmed. Get a copy of the assay and then say “I have a copy of an assay that confirms…” Otherwise you compromise the quality and Integrity of Testosterone and everyone that relies on this wonderful magazine for quality information.

I am interested in the post that referenced the caloric value issue. I think that because the the BCAA and the glutamine are incomplete proteins they don’t receive a caloric value otherwise they should receive 31 calories. If anyone knows please clarify.

Those of you have had great results from using GlutaCene should stand up and say something. GlutaCene is a great product and I’ll continue to use it.