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Glucotize lipoic acid

This is made by MRI, the makers of the infamous NO2. 300 mg. of a sustained release lipoic acid that of course is supposed to blow all the others out of the water. When I first heard about this I thought it might be the r-form of ALA but it is not. Anyway, anyone experimented with it or have anything to say about it? I’ve always been a huge fan of ALA and while I’m not sold on N02, this sounds somewhat interesting. I’m either going to try this or the r-ALA, which I was REALLY hoping was going to be in the Hot Rox formula.


Monty, give the r-ALA a try. It’s tried and true. Trust me, it’s well worth your money, if you use enough.

I tried very high dose ALA (racemic mix of the S and R isomers) previously (like in the 3000mg range) with fantastic results. I’m now using the R isomer at a much lower dose and still getting great glucose disposal benefits. I even show trace ketones at well over 100g of carbs a day.

Thanks for the feedback, Thunder. BTW what brand are you using? I’ve found one on Anabolic Fitness and another at Yohimburn’s website.


Are the results you are getting with r-ala better than the racemic ala? I ask because if you buy ala in bulk, you can actually get more r-ala for a better price. I’ll do some math:

Amount - 100 x 100mg = 10grams
Price - $20.00
–> $2.00/gram of R-ALA

Racemic Mix:
Amount - 1000 x 100mg = 100grams
–> 100grams x 50% = 50grams (of R-ALA)
Price - $60.00
–> $1.20/gram of R-ALA

Now I’ve read some articles that suggest that the S-isomer actually cancels out some of the R-isomer implying that it’s not simply inactive but counteractive (biased articles trying to sell R-ALA). If this is the case, then R-ALA is the way to go. However, until I see some concrete proof I am going to take double the amount of ALA to get the normal R-ALA dose so that I can save myself some money.

I agree, r-ala is great. Take some of that and veins are popping for hours. I used once at 300mg before a breakfast brunch and I did not feel that time to pass out feeling after a full plate(or two)!

Da Boxer

Monty, I’ve been using the Anabolic Fitness brand. I’m not sure there is another pure R-ALA available right now. I believe the product name is Glucorell.

Derek, I see where you’re going and I’ve also read where it’s being said that the S isomer counteracts the R-isomer’s effects. Whether they’re is some inherent bias here or not, I can’t say. However, I can say from my own experience that pure R-ALA has worked better for me than VERY high dose mixed ALA. I’d just put up the coin and go for it. R-ALA is insane for cheat days.

I just ordered some Glucorell last night…can’t wait to give it a go. Hopefully I will get it before my next refeed on Friday.

Keep us posted. You’ll like it.

Just ordered some myself. Monty, I hope you got the discount. Can’t wait to give this stuff a go, I’ve looked into it before but never bought. For some reason this thread inspired me to finally buy. Thanks.

What discount? I saw it said something about entering a coupon number but had no idea what they were referring to. Dammit!

Glucose optimizer from Jarrow Formulas works awesome. Also Now brand sells ALA in 250mg caps.

Yes, but neither one of them are the r-form, although I like both of those companies.

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Yeah Thunder is right. Click on the old r-ALA first and you’ll see it.

Thunder and other r-ALA users:

What sort of dosing have you found to be effective with the r-ALA? Is more better to a point? Have you found an optimum?

Thanks in advance.

Usually about 100mg per 30-50g of carbs. On refeed/cheat days, the r-ALA can be really fun.


I know this is late post but I just got my GLUCORELL in the mail…

What kind of effects should i be feeling? There is a new post out there that GLUCORELL isn’t meeting up to the label claims. I’m confused… is GLUCORELL good or bad???

THUNDER, any thoughts??