Glucose Tolerance Test Results

Do you think you could help me decipher my test results please? I took blood samples at 0,15,30,60,90 and 120 minutes. I ingested the glucose drink after taking the baseline reading. I got the following levels 78mg/dL,100,107,159,173, and 140. As you can see, my blood glucose was nowhere near baseline after the 2 hour period. What does this mean? BTW, I have just come off a four week fat fast. Ever grateful, Stu.

Suggest you talk to your doctor…I did a quick web search and came up with some conflicting results. Two websites I checked said the tolerance test is no longer the normal test for diabetes, and two consecutive reading over 126 after a six-hour fast is now the standard for diagnosis. On the old tolerance test, a reading of over 200mg/dl was considered diabetic, and a reading between 140 and 200 within 2 hours after eating was considered "impaired glucose tolerance) and was an indicator of higher risk for developing diabetes.

Based on the old standard, your readings at 60 and 90 minutes are in the “impaired tolerance” range, so I’d strongly recommend you go talk to your doctor and get the fasting tests - while not the end of the world, diabetes is nothing to fool about with. On the other hand, I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic five years ago, and after losing a lot of weight, watching what I eat, and training regularly, am in MUCH better health today than 10 years ago. (Just be glad they apparently don’t do the old version of the tolerance test I had - they monitored your blood sugar every hour for FIVE hours after you drank the glucose crap, and you couldn’t eat anything - I almost passed out around the four-and-a-half hour mark!)

X-Man(atee), thanks for the help Bro. You’re right, this is worrying. I hope that it’s the result of the keto diet and is reversible. I’m just gonna post some additional info, because JB said that he’d take a look at the numbers. I have been dieting very aggressively and was not overly concerned about losing some muscle mass. Whilst on the fat fast I consumed only three protein shakes with flax oil/per day. This amounted to about 150 g protein and 75ml Flax oil. In the last week I dropped down to two shakes (100g protein) and 20ml flax oil. In terms of thermogenics, I used original MD6 (6 per day) and 30mg ephedrine HCL and 200mg caffeine both three times/day in weeks 1 and 4. In weeks 2 and 3, I used clenbuterol at 140mcgs/day. I used T3 at 50mcgs/day weeks 1,2, and,4 and 100mcgs/day week 3. For anabolic support I used 500mg Omnadren weeks 1 and 2 and then stopped and let the esters ride out. I took a daily multivitamin and when I felt brave a psyllium husk drink. I lost a total of 26lbs, at least six of those muscle, and it could have been up to 10lbs.
I’m not displeased with the results.
I took the glucose test 4 days after finishing the diet. This was at midday and after an overnight and morning fast. I had not been supplementing with anything in that 4 day period. Many thanks-Stu.

Correction; I was actually using 50mg/day Clomiphene at the point of taking the test, as well as during the diet, and still am for that matter.