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Glucose Sticks with Massive Eating

In the Massive Eating diet JB gives the glucose values in mg/dl. All of the glucose sticks and meters I’ve been able to find give their readings in mmol/l. Can anyone tell be how to convert one to another? Thanks in advance.

…hmmm… Pretty Please.

OK, well, I’m not where I have any reference
books available at the moment.

However, to convert mg to mmol, divide by
the molecular weight of the substance. I
don’t have the mw of glucose handy but,
it should be about 181.

So dividing by 181 would give you mmol
per dL (deciliter, or 1/10 liter.) Multiplying by 10 again would give you mmol/L. (Or, dividing by only 18.1 in the
first place.)

For the reverse conversion, mmol/L to mg/dL,
multiply by 18.1.

Thanks Bill.