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Glucose Levels After Fasting

Hello T Nationers

I had my full blood panel done last week and everything came back normal except my glucose which was at 99 mg/dl. Two years ago it was at 97 mg/dl. The normal range is 70 to 100, so I am on the high end of the spectrum. I fasted 10 hours prior to bloodwork.

I weigh 235 lbs and am 6ft tall, about 12 to 15 percent body fat (abs are visible but not all that defined). I know my great grandmother was diabetic but I’m not sure if was genetic or from being obese. Should I be immediately concerned? I feel fine, lifting been going well, and I’ve been doing well in school and at work.

Any input is appreciated as always. Enjoy labor day!

most blood tests are usually 10-12 hours fasted, pretty decent chance if you had gone the extra 2 hours it might be down slightly.

High night time cortisol levels can cause a higher end morning blood sugar level. This would not be a good thing. I got scores of 99-101 and my doctor did the long term test and found no blood sugar issue, but I decided to test it myself occasionally and found that I was probably dehydrated for the higher tests. After a glass of water and 30 minutes, I was always in the 77-85 range. Caffeine can raise it though (via cortisol) so test it before any coffee.