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Glucose in Urine

My brother has had a urine glucose test that showed he had higher than normal glucose(granula) levels in his urine. The problem seems to be manifesting itself as irritation on the head of his penis similar to a yeast infection (yeast infection treatments have provided only temporary relief of the irritation).
My brother doesn’t have diabetes and is genrally healthy (all tests negative). Are there any reasons why he would demonstrate higher than normal levels of glucose in his urine?
Help is appreciated. BTW, he trains, eats okay(not very clean, not enough protein) and he’s at University so he drinks frequently.


BigRob: Plain and simple; most likely the inaccuracy of the urine dipstick. This is a colormetric test VERY dependant on the age of the sticks, moisture content, what your brother ate, his activity level and the skill of the interpreter. THEY ARE FOR SCREENING ONLY! They, at BEST tell you “look furthur” and ONLY if the dip is VERY abnormal (e.g. if the dip read “4 plus” as opposed to “trace” or “moderate”).

If the dip reads high (“4 plus”) then you would want it followed up with something more specific like a Basic Metabolic Screen (that includes a glucose).

Hope this helps!

Thanks brother. I don’t know what his actual test results were, but he’s been referred to a urologist for furhter screening. The glucose in his urine isn’t as much of a concern (as he’s healthy, putting on size and he’s lean). It’s the irritation that’s perhaps being caused that’s causing the most aggrevation for him.

Thanks for the help!